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2015 Merchant List

These merchants are confirmed for attending Kris Kinder this year. 

Merchant Business Name

Brief description of Merchandise

AJ's Carving & Woodshop

Hand carved wooden Spoons;

Hand carved and hand painted wooden Santa's

All the Trimmings

Pendants, cloak clasps, Celtic tapestries & tote bags, belt buckles

Avalon Oddiments

SCA Garage sale, plus knitwear. Gently used books, garb, feast gear, jewelry,material, etc. as well as hand knit kilt hose, socks, mitts (fingerless& pop-top), period hats, handmade bags & belt pouches, and much more.

BlackWater Treasures

Roving (sheep, alpaca, mohair), silk yarns and threads. needle felting equipment, kumihumio equipment, and some finished goods (hats, scarves and mittens).

Brigit's Treasures

Jewelry, Books, some fabric

Bunisher Metal Works

We carry throwing knives, throwing axes, knives, spears, portable holes, and rattan. I do commission work for many art metal pieces, please come by and inquire. We will also have some baked goods and assorted fabrics for sale

Butterfly Mountain Trading

Calontir tabards, herbal remedies/salves, sewing kits, other accessories for personas.

Calontir Cooks Guild

Cooks Guild Raffle

Coeur d'Ennui

Fabrics, snoods, hand made books

Contourney Camel

Stools,Looms,shuttles,weaving supplies, Leather Pouches

Crafty Cats

Jewelry,Fiber,Hand Craft

Designs by Gracye

Handmade Snoods, Glass bead jewelry, Japanese bound notebooks,

Goin' A Viking & Brynjolf's Forge

Bladesmith & blacksmith goods, handmade jtems such as soaps perfumes, celtc/norse pendants and whatever the kiddos make.

Good Scents

Handmade soaps, lotions, and bath salts

Heartland Custom Tooling

Your one-stop repoussé tooling shop! We also carry stamped order badges and (if time permits) delicious Calontir-themed candies!

Herbal blis soaps

We have natural soaps and salves, balls for bug bites, body powder, and lip balm.

Hot Tempered Glass

Lampwork (art glass) glass jewelry and glass figurines. Necklaces, bracelets, earrings, etc. Anything we can find to adorn with glass beads, including forks, spoons, pens, knives and letter openers! We may also have some Christmas ornaments and other seasonal gifts.

Izzys Treasures

Glass bead wares, veil pins, hair pins, jewelry, henna, norse jewelry, essential oils wares

KnOtter's Den

silver jewelry & fiber arts

Knotty Monkey Designs

Quirky hats and fun yarn crafted items.

Medieval Oak Custom Furniture

Wooden furniture--chairs, benches, stools, shelves, chests, music stands etc

Munitions Grade Arms

Rattan, fiberglass spears, thrusting tips

Neverland Designs

Basic men's and women's garb in medium to generous sizes, most in 100% linen.

Normandy Merchant

Embroidered award badges to affix to sleeves, tabards or other clothing; bags, household wooden items - boxes, candlesticks, storage containers. Please see, which is new but developing. I am making every effort to use correct colors and artwork when making the machine embroidered award badges.

North Star Armoury

We make reproduction jewelry, accessories, and artifacts for all periods of the SCA, and offer a closely-curated selection of books of interest to medievalists.

Painted Sky Pottery

Medievally inspired pottery!

Raven's perch

Furniture gnome doors and whatever looks cool

Read It Again Books

I have used history books, historical fiction and misc. cookbooks and others.

Revival Leather/ AHR

Shoes, leather goods, gambesons and limited armor supply. Possibly a small selection of clothes and brass work

rockn t leather works


Scrap Ends

Books, Fabric, period embroidery resources

Silk Road Caravans

Period Timepieces - Old jade and Jasper - Rajastani Silver - Crystal orbs - Pashminas - Tibetan silver amulets

Svana's candles


Tandy leather

Leather goods furs raw leather hardware. Bracelets

The Dragons Horde

Corsets plaques

Thistlewood Manor Soaps & Sundries

Handmade soap, inkle and card woven trim, stuffed Viking dolls.

Thora's Threads

Norse fiber goods such as handmade & embroidered haversacks, wool hoods, shawls, hats, period clothing. Will also do customized garb: tu ics in linen or wool, hangerocs in linen or wool, willing to do other time period as well.

Thorvik Crafts

Leather sides, fur hides (goat & sheep), leather pouches, leather belts and other accessories.

time traveling traders

sales of fine amber and gemstone jewelry

Truetvin's Treasures

Hand crafted leather goods: mugs, pouches, journal covers

Archery accessories: quivers, bracers, crossbows
Wooden toys, boxes, generally just really cool stuff for not a lot of money!!!

Vault of Valhalla

Hand cast Norse, Celtic, and Anglo-Saxon jewelry by HL Paul Adler, pre-owned costume jewelry geared toward reenactors, Middle Eastern jewelry and garb, possibly other wares of interest to reenactors.

W&J Bows and Such

Long bows and archery items. And stuff made of wood and leather.


Armor, SS feast gear, SS roses