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I grew up in Blue Springs, Missouri (outside of KC).  I was mostly a runner growing up, but played lots of sports: soccer, football, baseball, basketball, golf, tennis, rugby, hockey, others.  But running was always my favorite.  In college, I pretty much stopped running and played rugby.

I went to undergraduate at Truman State University where I graduated with my B.S. in Biology.  It was there that I decided that what I really wanted do was do research on chameleons in Madagascar.  Yes, bizarre, I know.  Many people thought I was nuts, and rightfully so.  But I made the choice nonetheless.  I went on to do my Master’s at TCU with Gary Ferguson, where I studied the behavior and physiology of captive chameleons.  After graduating, I went to Oklahoma State University for my Ph.D. (where I still am, currently).  For my doctorate, I studied chameleons in Madagascar (told you nay-sayers I would do it!).  I’m co-advised by Stanley Fox at OSU and Chris Raxworthy at the American Museum of Natural History.  I’ll be finishing my degree in spring 2008, finally! 

I started running again after about a 12-year lay-off in 2005.  I decided to pick up cycling, too, the same year.  That's when I figured why not start swimming and do triathlons?  I've been hooked since then.  Although I've only been in the sport for 3 years now, my science and running background have helped me pick it up pretty quickly (I analyze the heck out of data!).  It's a great stress-reliever in a stress-filled life.

I married my wife, Melanie, during my last semester of undergraduate (1997).  We’ve been married for 10 years now.  We have two incredible sons.  Brady was born in January 2005 and Alex was born in June 2007.  Brady LOVES going to my races, which makes it even more fun.

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