(L to R): Jian Sun, Shahpoor Moradi, Junxiao Li, Raul Cova, Emma Lv, Wenyong Pan, Kris Innanen, Andrew Mills, Ali Fathalian, Sergio Reynoso, Tiansheng Chen, Scott Keating.  Missing: Shahin Jabbari, Jesse Kolb, Hormoz Izadi, Hong Xu, Khalid Almuteri.  Photo Credit: K Bertram, Sep 2015.


Kristopher A. Innanen
ES212 Dept. of Geoscience
University of Calgary
tel. +1 403 210 6837
em. k.innanen [AT] ucalgary.ca


University of Calgary Courses

GOPH 657 Seismic signal analysis 
GOPH 673 Theory of seismic inversion 
GOPH 355 Intro to exploration geophysics 
GOPH 549 Geophysics field school 

Short Courses 

i. The basics of Full Waveform Inversion
ii. The wave theoretical basis of FWI
iii. Multiple prediction: concepts and algorithms 


Postdoctoral fellows & visiting collaborators

Yu Geng (2015 - )
Huaizhen Chen (2015 - )

Graduate students

Shahin Jabbari, PhD (2011 - )
Raul Cova, PhD (2012 - )
Wenyong Pan, PhD (2012 - )
Shahpoor Moradi, PhD (2013 - )
Hormoz Izadi, PhD (2013 - )
Jian Sun, PhD (2013 - )
Scott Keating, MSc (2014 - )
Sergio Reynoso, PhD (2014 - )
Junxiao Li, PhD (2014 - )
Ali Fathalian, PhD (2015 - )
Kiki Hong Xu, MSc (2015 - )
Andrew Mills, MSc (2015 - )
Siming Lv, MSc (2015 - )
Khalid Almuteri, MSc (2015 - )

Past students & researchers

Tiansheng Chen, Visiting Scholar 2015
Pan Pan, MSc 2015
Steven Kim, MSc 2014
Hormoz Izadi, MSc 2012 
Melissa Hernandez, MSc 2012
Chris Bird, MSc 2012
Mostafa Naghizadeh, PDF 2010-11
Jose Lira, PhD 2009

Brief Bio & Info


2003 PhD Geophysics, UBC [Thesis]
1998 MSc Physics, York
1996 BSc Earth Science/Physics, York


2016- Director, CREWES Project
2009- Associate Professor of Geophysics, Univ. of Calgary

2009-15 Associate Director, CREWES Project
2005-09, Assistant Professor of Physics, Univ. of Houston


CSEG Recorder interview
CREWES NSERC Grant Announcement
Geophysics teaching and the 2013 Calgary Floods

Research Overview

Basic research

Anelastic seismology, perturbation methods for waves in time-varying Earth volumes, seismic inversion, seismic multiple prediction.

Applied research
Reflection and VSP seismic data acquisition, processing, and inversion, with application to exploration seismology and time-lapse seismic monitoring.

Selected Publications

W. Pan, K. A. Innanen and W. Liao, Preconditioning for the Hessian-free Gauss-Newton full-waveform inversion, 2016: submitted.

W. Pan, K. A. Innanen, G. F. Margrave, M. Fehler, X. Fang and J. Li, Estimation of elastic constants for HTI media using Gauss-Newton and full Newton multi-parameter full waveform inversion, 2016: submitted.

S. Moradi and K. A. Innanen, Viscoelastic amplitude variation with offset equations with account taken of jumps in attenuation angle, 2016: Geophysicsaccepted.

S. Jabbari, J. Wong and K. A. Innanen, A theoretical and physical modelling analysis of the coupling between baseline elastic properties and time-lapse changes in determining difference AVO, 2015: Geophysics 80, 6, N37-N48.

W. Pan, K. A. Innanen, G. F. Margrave and D. Cao, Efficient pseudo Gauss-Newton full waveform inversion in the tau-p domain, 2015: Geophysics 80, 5, R225-R238.

S. Moradi and K. A. Innanen, Scattering of homogeneous and inhomogeneous seismic waves in low-loss viscoelastic media, 2015: Geophysical Journal International 202, 1722-1732. 

K. A. Innanen and F. Mahmoudian, Characterizing the degree of amplitude-variation-with-offset nonlinearity in seismic physical modelling data, 2015: 
Geophysical Prospecting 63, 133-140.

K. A. Innanen, Seismic AVO and the inverse Hessian in precritical reflection full waveform inversion, 2014: Geophysical Journal International 199, 717-734.

K. A. Innanen, M. Naghizadeh and S. T. Kaplan, Perturbation methods for two special cases of the time-lapse seismic inverse problem, 2014: Geophysical Prospecting 62, 453-474. 

L. R. Lines, J. Wong, K. A. Innanen, F. Vasheghani, C. Sondergeld, S. Treitel and T. J. Ulrych, Research note: experimental measurements of Q-contrast reflections, 2014: Geophysical Prospecting, 62 1, 190-195. 

M. J. Hernandez and K. A. Innanen, Identifying internal multiples using 1D prediction: physical modelling and land data examples, 2014: Canadian Journal of Exploration Geophysics, 39, 1, pp. 37-47.

K. A. Innanen, Coupling in amplitude variation with offset and the Wiggins approximation, 2013: Geophysics 78, 4, N21-N33.

M. Naghizadeh and K. A. Innanen, Two-dimensional fast generalized Fourier interpolation of seismic records, 2013: Geophysical Prospecting, 61, s1, 62-76.

K. A. Innanen, Inversion of the seismic AVF/AVA signatures of highly attenuative targets, 2011: Geophysics 76, 1, R1-R14.

K. A. Innanen and P. S. Routh, Direct multi-parameter inversion of geo-radar data through inverse scattering, 2011: Canadian Journal of Geophysical Exploration 35 1, 6-16.

M. Naghizadeh and K. A. Innanen, 
Seismic data interpolation using a fast non-redundant S-transform, 2011: Geophysics, 76, 1, V1-V10.

Subpages (1): PhD Thesis