Nomad Food

I name this food Nomad Food, cause I love the Wandering_Nomad of CC fame.

 Nomad Food's name has been "Brown Stuff", till recently, when I decided to name it something more interesting.  My family all love it, and still know it as Brown Stuff, and I dunno how they would react to the new name.  Anyway, Here is the recipe!


Roserrita Refried Beans, heated up

Ground Sausage, like for breakfast but not as patties or links, drain and mix into beans

shredded cheese, I prefer cheddar, the sharpest I can get, apply liberally, mix with beans

Add hot spicy stuff, whatever you want, like hot sauce, mix into beans

Let simmer for a couple hours on low, or warm setting in crockpot, Do Not Burn!

Serve on tostadas, tortillas, chips, in bowls, on plates, on hotdogs, in burgers, whatever you like, it's a very versatile food

Enjoy!!  Share with friends and family, prepare for gas and whatever else beans and spicy stuff does to you. :)