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Here I will explain my opinion on Numerology.  If you are a Numerologist, I might blow your mind, so, be prepared to clean up the mess.  Ok, I don't believe in Numerology, and here is the logic why.  It depends entirely on just ONE Numbering System, the Arabic Base 10 Decimal system so many of us use.  There are dozens, hundreds, even thousands of cultures, languages, AND numbering systems on this planet alone.  Here are just a few examples, Binary Base 2, Octal Base 8, Hexadecimal Base 16, Babylonian Base 60, and my personal favorite D'ni Base 25.  And those are just the Positional Numbering Systems.  What about the numbering systems that are NOT positional?  How about the Roman Numeral system?  It's a hybrid additive and subtractive system, as in it adds up various symbols, as well as subtracts, in order to display a value.  Remember, a Numbering System is nothing more than symbols that represent a value.  It is a language in and of itself!  It's the information it conveys that is important, not the numerals themselves, which is something Numerology ignores.

Ok, for instance, to calculate my Life Path Number I add up the numerals of my birth date, so, I was born 10 27 1976.  My calculator says that comes out to 33, I add those and I get 6.  But that's in Decimal, what about another numbering system? I'll use my favorite as an example, [10] Nayvoo, [1][2] FahSee Bree, [3][4][1] SehnRah TorSee Fah, each number in brackets is a single digit in the D'ni Numbering System.  Now, let's add up those numerals, I calculate that to be [21] RihgahFah!  So, in Decimal my magic number is 6, but in D'ni my magic number is 21!  What the?!  You see, Numerology absolutely breaks down and stops working if you use any other numbering system. 

If it is not Universally true, it isn't true, IMHO.  So, since Numerology only works when using Decimal, it can't possibly be true.  And another thing, Please stop calling it the Science of Numbers, it is NOT Science!!  It is a Belief System of Numbers, as in you believe these numerals mean certain things, or do certain things.  That doesn't mean it's been challenged by rigorous scientific study, theories produced, theories tested, proven or dis-proven.

Then there is my perspective on the universe, there must be many many planets out there that support life, and not only that but also have advanced sentient life.  How many languages and numbering systems do you think exist everywhere in the universe?!  Ok, try explaining your crazy Numerology system to someone who has never even heard of the Decimal system.  Are you going to teach them a whole new numbering system just to explain Numerology?  Ha!  Why should they use YOUR numbering system if they already have a perfectly good one that they already understand and use?!

So, I don't buy into Numerology one bit.  If you like it, cool, whatever, but I don't.