Gloomy thoughts, negative, angry, depressing, all around dark cloudy type stuff. 


Well, other than the terrible news that Myst Online Uru Live is gonna die, I have gloomy thoughts a lot, and I have decided to post a few here.   If you don't want to read negative, doom-n-gloomy things from the darkest corners of my brain, then go back to the much happier world of Numbers on my main page now.

I used to work at a terrible company called South West Publishers LLC, which does not publish anything at all.  All they do is buy lists of names and numbers from Magazine companies, and call these people to try to convince them to change their standard yearly subscription to a 3 year subscription, and pay SWP lots of money to do it.  Supposedly they lock you in at a lower rate by basically letting you bulk buy.  The only thing is, you don't get any magazines till you pay in full for the whole 3 years subscription.  No payment plans are any good.  Sure they will offer to let you pay in installments, but no matter what you do, you get nothing till it's paid in full.  But here's the reality, the guy that runs the place, and the people who work the phones, are absolutely untrustworthy.  They are lying, cheating, thieves.  I found myself unable to handle the stress of calling people, so I was moved into the Corporate office, to do other stuff, like printing up copies of forms and stuff.  That was fine for a while.  But then the guy who runs things started giving his employees bad checks, and still does.  I left for good because of my paycheck bouncing.  

 It continued to bounce for months afterward, so I went to the Labor Board to make him pay me the wages he owes me.  But instead of paying me when the Labor Board finally took action and sent him a letter forcing him to pay, he sent yet another bad check.  Well I sent that bad check back to the Labor Board and explained it had bounced yet again, and they then took it to court for a Judgment.  Once I received the Judgment in the mail, I took it to the County Recorder's office where it was recorded as a Lien against my former employer's Real Property.  According to what I have been told I am now owed 3 times the amount of unpaid wages.  I may never get paid, but I've done all I can to make him pay.

I'm sure you are wondering by now why I worked at that place, even after learning what an evil place it is.  The answer is, I had no options, I needed the work.  Now my situation is much better, I have two jobs, one as a Security Guard, and the other calling people to do surveys.  I am no longer a telemarketer, and I never want to go back to doing that for as long as I live.   So, anyway, that's my gloomy thoughts for now.