D'ni Dice

I've had an idea for D'ni numbers on six sided standard dice, with a rule that the maximum value per roll is 25, because D'ni is base 25.  One die will be red marble, with gold embeded numerals, the other blue marble.  And I'd like it to be part of a board game, with puzzles to solve, like Myst or something.  Cyan Worlds would of course be the ones to create and market it and all, but I want them to use my idea of D'ni Dice.  So I've made some D'ni Dice to print and cut out and put together.  Here they are, no color added, you can do that if you want.  I used a Dice generator online for learning words or something. And of course I expect no compensation whatsoever for this idea, it's all on Cyan, and that site that does educational dice.  So, here they are.