Bank Trouble

Greed is Good?!

Hello, I have gotten into trouble with my bank a few times as a result of not keeping close enough watch on my expenditures verses my current account standing, it certainly doesn't help that I can't put a hold on anything temporarily till I get enough funds in the account to cover it, nor does it help that I can't keep track of my expenditures with the bank's system, like I should be able to.  If anyone reading this can think of Any bank, as in a provider of a checking account with Checks, who will not do the Following to me, please email me.  Otherwise, eh, maybe you can email me your own horror story.

 I bank with Chase, aka JP Morgan Chase, which took over the bank I was using, Bank One.  The following is a direct clip from my bank statement, showing exactly what happened to my account, and why I found myself owing the bank $1000 after having spent a bit more than I apparently had available.  The paypal transfer of $100 was my effort to try to mitigate the damage, but it only made it worse, as Paypal will keep trying to take those individual amounts from the account anyway.  I figured a larger amount to cover the smaller amounts would reduce the amount of over draft fees.  No such luck.  If there is such a bank that is not going to do this horrible thing to me in the case that I go under a bit, when I can easily cover the funds with my next paycheck, I would love to switch to that bank, even if it means paying a monthly fee for my checking account, that's way the frak better than getting into a hole I can't possibly dig myself out of like what Chase did to me.  Oh they reversed a couple fees, only $70 worth.  I had to go to American General to get a loan of $1000.10, co-signed with my dad, giving them the right to take his car away if I default.  So I gotta pay that loan back Pronto.

   Date    Description    Debit      Credit      Balance 
  04/25/2008      DHR PAYROLL DD PPD ID: 1860971538          $100.33      ($956.18) 
  04/22/2008      RETURNED ITEM FEE    $140.00            ($1,056.51) 
  04/21/2008      RETURNED ITEM FEE    $35.00            ($916.51) 
  04/18/2008      DHR PAYROLL DD PPD ID: 1860971538          $146.13      ($881.51) 
  04/17/2008      RETURNED ITEM FEE    $140.00            ($1,027.64) 
  04/11/2008      EXTENDED OVERDRAFT FEE    $12.50            ($887.64) 
  04/10/2008      RETURNED ITEM FEE    $175.00            ($875.14) 
  04/09/2008      INSUFFICIENT FUNDS FEE    $70.00            ($700.14) 
  04/08/2008      PAYPAL INST XFER 4CD22386NFXZQ WEB ID: PAYPALSI66    $1.08            ($630.14) 
  04/08/2008      PAYPAL INST XFER 4CD22386QXDEN WEB ID: PAYPALSI66    $4.98            ($629.06) 
  04/08/2008      INSUFFICIENT FUNDS FEE    $210.00            ($624.08) 
  04/07/2008      PAYPAL INST XFER 4CD22383M9LG2 WEB ID: PAYPALSI66    $1.08            ($414.08) 
  04/07/2008      PAYPAL INST XFER 4CD22384UDM5Q WEB ID: PAYPALSI66    $2.16            ($413.00) 
  04/07/2008      PAYPAL INST XFER 4CD22383SUNDU WEB ID: PAYPALSI66    $5.13            ($410.84) 
  04/07/2008      PAYPAL INST XFER 4CD22383W7ZBU WEB ID: PAYPALSI66    $10.81            ($405.71) 
  04/07/2008      PAYPAL INST XFER 4CD22383NGWBQ WEB ID: PAYPALSI66    $11.55            ($394.90) 
  04/07/2008      PAYPAL INST XFER 4CD22383PX7LN WEB ID: PAYPALSI66    $19.50            ($383.35) 
  04/07/2008      Alliance MBR DUES PPD ID: 9521517387    $93.95            ($363.85) 
  04/07/2008      INSUFFICIENT FUNDS FEE    $105.00            ($269.90) 
  04/04/2008      PAYPAL INST XFER 4CD22383K4VLA WEB ID: PAYPALSI66    $10.00            ($164.90) 
  04/04/2008      PAYPAL INST XFER 4CD22382BWH6Y WEB ID: PAYPALSI66    $65.00            ($154.90) 
  04/04/2008      PAYPAL TRANSFER 4CD22382ZMAA6 WEB ID: PAYPALSD22    $100.00            ($89.90) 
  04/03/2008      PAYPAL INST XFER 4CD2237Z29JDQ WEB ID: PAYPALSI66    $5.93            $10.10 


So the amount of money I actually spent was 69.01, then I tried to tell paypal to take out 100 in the hopes that would mitigate the damage, but it just made it worse.  Plus the automatic payment of 93.95 for health coverage.  So I was smacked with 793.55 in bank fees.  How about that?  Is that customer service, or what?  Oh yes, minus the 70 worth of fees that comes out to 723.55 in bank fees.