Our Goal

We are initiating the Krembil Computational Neuroscience (KCN) events.  The goal of these KCN events is to bring together researchers and trainees at the Krembil and the wider community to discuss challenges in the fields of mathematical and computational neuroscience. We will organize monthly research talks and topics with a didactic style, discussions and mini-workshops whose main purpose is to facilitate cross-fertilization between local research groups and learn about different techniques, approaches and theories on brain dynamics and function. It is hoped that these events will raise awareness of recent advances in theoretical and computational neuroscience, catalyze the development of new collaborations and reveal new research directions. We believe that these KCN events will allow local groups to learn from both established and emerging leaders in the field and simultaneously to get a chance to share their own vision and perspective with the community. 

Jeremie Lefebvre and Frances Skinner, Scientists, Krembil Research Institute

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