Mary Krell and Brian Covey: 

Just crazy enough to plan a wedding. A little too old to use MySpace.

We've registered online at and at target (for that bricks-and-mortar-experience).

Want to RSVP
or have questions that aren't answered here? Then send that email, yo.

The wedding shindig will be Saturday, August 18, 2007 @ 1PM (and will include a very tasty light lunch). It will happen at the Wonder Ballroom, which is located at 128 NE Russel in Portland, OR.
Need Directions to the Wedding?

We've been given permission to use the Wonder Ballroom parking lot (14 spaces) and the library lot across the street (40+ spaces). After those fill, it's on-street parking and there's quite a bit in the area.

The weekend of our wedding is a busy one in Portland!

The rooms we reserved at the Holiday Inn are gone BUT there is hope!  The DoubleTree Inn, Lloyd Center (next to the Holiday Inn and equally close to public transit + the wedding venue) is a good bet.  There's also the Red Lion Jantzen Beach which means driving about 10-15 minutes to the wedding but, if you're looking for a quieter place to stay and you want to get on the road first thing, it's a great option.  ~Both have rooms THROUGH EXPEDIA for around $86 as of today, 01 Aug, 2007.~

Where to eat, drink, and shop...
We recommend Gravy for amazing breakfasts or The Tin Shed for breakfast or other meals.  There's a McMenamin's place not far from the venue.  It's called The White Eagle and they serve food + drink.  There's also a great dive bar around the corner from the venue (if you like that kinda thing).  For indie fashion, we love Mabel & Zora (2 doors down from the Tin Shed).