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Polyvision has decided to combine efforts with their parents company Steelcase to create Steelcase Education Solutions. The Polyvision name is going away, but not the great line of products! The eno® and TS Series interactive whiteboards provide best-in-class solutions for teachers and students, whether they prefer touch-sensitive or ceramicsteel (hard surface) boards. You can now control your board on your iPad or iPhone with the Splashtop For Eno app.  This makes the eno board a great interactive solution for those BYOD or BYOT districts. 

Polyvision's Rob Heitmeier talking about the new Splashtop app on TeacherCast podcast

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It’s time to flip your business meeting model. The norms for teaching and presenting information in the classroom are making a 180-degree about face, and this change has tremendous implications for business leaders. When Generation Z – the Internet generation – enters the workforce, their expectations for business presentations will be drastically different from those today. If you don’t change with them, no one is going to pay attention to you anymore.

The Flipped Classroom

Robert Heitmeier, general manager of PolyVision, a teaching and learning technology company, explained to me that the old norm for teaching was the “sage on the stage” delivering lectures and then students working through that thinking as homework.

Death by PowerPoint

Death by PowerPoint (Photo credit: mafflong)

The old norm for business presenting was “death by PowerPoint,” with a presenter standing in front of a darkened room sharing (or reading slide-by-slide) information. A typical one-hour meeting would be scheduled for 45 minutes of presentation, followed by 15 minutes of questions. Unfortunately, those meetings would typically start five minutes late and the presenter would run 10 minutes over, squeezing out all the questions.

Easy access to video is changing the way people teach and learn. In what’s referred to as the “flipped classroom” model, students watch lectures at home before class, and then work through the thinking together in the classroom. This model will alter peoples’ expectations of business presentations as well, switching the bias to sharing information before the meeting so that the meeting can focus on meaningful conversation.

Don’t wait.

The Flipped Business Meeting

There are only four things people do in a meeting: learn, contribute, decide or waste time. The highest value activity is deciding, followed by contributing based on learning. The takeaway from the flipped classroom model is that information sharing can happen outside of the meeting to free time for information digesting and application in the meeting, as a group.

Of course learning is an important use of time. It’s just that people learn in different ways. As Heitmeier puts it,

When you have to retain the attention of auditory, visual, kinesthetic and tactile learners simultaneously, one way of presenting or teaching is futile. Presenters must learn to embrace these different ways rather than dismiss them.”

Let people absorb information on their own before meetings so you can use meeting time for conversations, contribution and decisions.

Emerging Technologies for Business Presentations

PolyVision’s interactive whiteboards and tools enable all sorts of interactive learning in classrooms, across classrooms and in areas where there are no classrooms. They are out in front of the mobile wave described in my earlierinterview with MicroStrategy CEO Michael Saylor. PolyVision is creating “we” spaces described in my column on how office layout impacts culture.

Businesses evolve on a continuous basis. We’re all new leaders all the time, adjusting to our evolving world. This change in how we learn is significant. Generation Z grew up with technology right along side their Sippy cups. This generation is already learning differently in schools and they certainly will not sit still for boring PowerPoint presentations. If you don’t flip the way you communicate before they enter the workplace, you will never have a chance to connect and engage with them.

This is a good example of step 5 of The New Leader’s Playbook: Drive Action by Activating and Directing an Ongoing Communication Network (Including Social Media)

Everything communicates. You can either make choices in advance about what and how you’re going to communicate or react to what others do. It is important to discover your own message and be clear on your platform for change, vision, and call to action before you start trying to inspire others. It will evolve as you learn, but you can’t lead unless you have a starting point to help focus those learning plans. Identify your target audiences. Craft and leverage your core message and master narrative. Monitor and adjust as appropriate on an ongoing basis.

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The New Leader’s Playbook includes the 10 steps that executive onboarding group PrimeGenesis uses to help new leaders and their teams get done in 100-days what would normally take six to twelve months. George Bradt is PrimeGenesis’ managing director, and co-author of The New Leader’s 100-Day Action Plan (Wiley, 3rd edition 2011) and the freemium iPad app New Leader Smart Tools. Follow him at @georgebradt or on YouTube.

Touch-Sensitive Board
 This board uses your fingers instead of a pen. The technology comes in the board so it is not as thin and durable as the Eno boards. This board needs to be plugged into your computer through a USB port and does not need to be plugged into the wall outlet for power.

Polyvision TS Demo



The Eno Classic is both an interactive board and a whiteboard. You can write on it with whiteboard markers, sharpies, and the interactive stylus that comes with it. All of the technology is found in the stylus, so the board is the most durable board on the market. It has a Forever Warrenty! You can have up to 3 stylus writing on the board at one time. With the 4th stylus writing on the Eno Mini. The standard size board's deminsions are 4 ft X 5ft with a 6 ft diagonal. The larger size is 4 ft X 7 ft with an 8 ft diagonal. The writing surface is ceramicsteel that has a baked in dot pattern and it doesn't require a power source. The stylus pen just needs a Lithium AAA battery. When you purchase this board, you have the choice of either RM Easiteach Next Generation or Qwizdom Wizteach software for no extra cost. Each board comes with 5 licenses. Only requirement for the board to work is downloading a free driver from a website. This board is substitute proof, angry student proof, and the best investment that a school could give their students of today and tomorrow. 

Eno Board Durability Test

Paintball and Eno Boards

  Eno Click is an Eno Classic Board that will magentically stick to your excesting surface so you do not lose the board space. It can come in the standard or larger size Eno. This board can be removed when needed.

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It is super easy to install just watch:

Eno Click Installation


Eno Click Easy Installation

  This is the Eno Flex Board. It is the Eno Classic board in the middle. You can then customize the end panels to be either a bulletin board or regular whiteboard. This is the best option for a school who is remodeling or starting from scratch.  You can have either the Eno regular size or the larger size in the middle of this option. The boards come in either 12 feet long or 14 feet long. 

Eno Flex

 The Eno Play is a sound system that is placed on the back of the Eno board. Multimedia content comes alive with synchronized music and video and all students hear at a comfortable volume no matter where they are seated.  The unique sound system uses the metal in the board to ampliy the sound waves. Every student in the room will be able to hear at the same level.

Polyvision's New Eno Play





 Eno One is the ultimate Eno package. The Eno One solution comes with an Eno Classic regular or larger size board, a projector, all cables needed, and the mounting for a mobile height adjustable unit (seen to the left), moble un-adjustable unit, adjustable stationaire unit, or un-adjustable stationaire unit. It ships directly to the customer who needs only 2 hours to put together. (Really, I am not kidding!)

Steelcase Education has their own line of projectors where the 3 year warranty covers both the projector and the lamp. These projectors come in both short throw and ultra-short throw. They can also come in black, white, or gray as the outside cover.  

Polyvision Eno One Solution


ēno mini lets you control the interactive whiteboard from anywhere in the room. Extra styluses bring unlimited lesson options to multiple users. You can also write on it with the whiteboad markers and sharpies. The black outer shell was made from special material that will inhibit the growth of bacteria which makes sharing it with students safer. The mini has a place where you can store your stylus when needed. It also has a Forever Warranty and does not require you to plug it in to your computer or a power source.

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This is the Fuse which is a document camera, web camera, and scanner all in one. The TrueSnap technology offers document/object alignment and recoloring that makes displaying much easier. The TrueSnap technology can also remove the bindings in the middle of a book. This digital visualizer is anti-staic and has the same anti-bacteria surface as the mini. It only has a USB cord to attach to your computer. The neck is very moveable so all angles can be displayed.

Polyvision Fuse

Software That Comes With Polyvision Boards


 Wizteach Interactive Software




RM Easiteach Next Generation Interactive Software


Remember this software is free and you receive 5 licenses per board.



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