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What’s BoomWriter?  It’s simple. Students read the first part of a story written by a professional writer and then attempt to write the next chapter (with a reasonable word limit). After submitting their work, participants read the chapters of some of their peers and then vote for the one they believe is the best. Once a winner is identified, that piece becomes the next chapter and the competitions continue until the story is complete (which is up to the teacher).  Go to BoomWriter.com/schoolsto learn more and understand why WGBH.com writes, “...How BoomWriter is inspiring young writers”. There’s no cost for teachers to use it in school, and your students and their parents will all love it.

Storybird Storybird    

Storybird for SchoolsSign up free

A new literacy tool for a new generation.
In just one year, over 45,000 schools from K–12 chose
Storybird to inspire students to write and read better.

Inspire your most reluctant writers and readers.
They’ll inspire you.
  • Gorgeous art
    Stunning illustrations stimulate the imagination and spark creativity.
  • Joyful simplicity
    Students focus on writing and reading, not endlessly fussing and clicking.
  • Puzzle solving
    Writers “unlock” stories they “find” within the artwork, teasing out themes & ideas.

  • Shareable & printable
    Embed stories in blogs, email to parents, download, print…
  • Social reinforcement
    Real-time feedback from classmates builds confidence and increases participation.
  • Ideal for fundraisers
    Thousands of teachers are earning hundreds of dollars with our innovative “one-click” fundraising program.

Each week, thousands of teachers join Storybird.
Here’s why.
  • “Storybird rocks - 1 of THE most engaging apps I've ever used with students in 20 years.”
  • “Beginning to see almost limitless appeal of Storybird to all curriculum areas.”
  • “Creating books on Storybird and then commenting on other's stories is a great way to build a class writing community.”
  • “Simple to use and endlessly extendable.”
  • “An ideal site for teachers and families.”
  • “The best creative writing tool/resource for teachers that I have come across.”
  • “The best writing website for kids.
    Fresh and innovative.”
  • “Start the year with beautiful collaborative storytelling. Storybird is one of my
    fav all time webtools.”
  • “I can’t think of a better way to encourage literary exploration, artsy fun and new media skill sets to inspire a whole new flock of creative storytellers.”

Powerful features designed to make your
experience easy, fast, and enjoyable.
  • Sign up students without email
    Sign up a student with one click. Big class? Upload your student list to automagically create accounts.
  • Work in private
    Keep class conversations private, share only the work you decide to share. You’re in control.
  • Issue assignments
    Create thematic assignments to inspire and focus your students or simply allow “free play” writing time.
  • Quickly review work
    Review work-in-progress, grade, share, comment—all from one powerful dashboard.
  • Embed anywhere
    Embed stories into your class blog or wikis within seconds.
  • Easily grade work
    Assign numeric or letter grades while you track class and assignment averages.
  • Reward with digital stickers
    Dole out a little fun with digital stickers. A great way to say “good work!”
  • Upload bulk student lists
    Big class? Cut and paste your class list or upload a .CSV file. We’ll do the rest.
  • Fundraise!
    Turn our gorgeous books into cash for your class with our one-click fundraisers.

The top five reasons teachers tell us they love Storybird.
  • Inspirational
    The gorgeous illustrations inspire students to write. The more they write, the more they read. It's an addictive, virtuous cycle.
  • Simple
    Making Storybirds is easy. Students focus on writing as a result, not clicking. Teachers, in turn, can focus on teaching.
  • Social
    Students can share and comment on each other's work, bolstering confidence and skill, within a private and safe environment.
  • Shareable
    Stories can be embedded on blogs, shared via email, downloaded, printed, gifted—even turned into a class fundraiser.
  • It. Just. Works.
    Storybird exudes care and craftsmanship, from the art to the interface. Everything works so that your work is everything.

YouTube Video

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Kim Munoz - SimpleK12 Webinar: Publishing Digital Books: Making Students' Work Come Alive

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parent and teacher accounts
  • write and illustrate
  • e-book
  • geared for students
  • teacher/parent accounts
  • lesson/story ideas K-8
  • account set up for child
  • can insert snapshots/photos into the story
  • free teacher account- closed for summer?
  • resources available for teachers to download/print- cross-curricular
  • free account
  • templates available to help guide students through the creation process
  • when published as an e-book- student identity protected with username and not real name
  • Publishing the book does cost money
  • $2.99 for ebooks
  • students can draw pictures and you upload them to the gallery
  • three levels to create a book: All ages, up to 8, yrs old, and above 9 yrs old
  • story starters and prompts - pictures and sentences
Example for Higher Ed - http://screencast.com/t/KErqgnZgP 

Stone Soup - magazine for kids http://www.stonesoup.com
  • ages 8-13
  • stories, poems and art
  • subscriber based
  • submissions must be mailed in

blurb - professional level http://www.blurb.com
  • photo stories
  • professional
  • portfolios
  • higher prices
  • e-book
  • 13 or older
  • YouTube Video

  • all ages
  • hardbound books
  • various packages
  • low cost
  • Order kits for the classroom
  • all levels

    Apple's iBooks Author is an excellent tool for creating multimedia ebooks, but there are some elements of using it that can be confusing and or frustrating. While you can figure it all out on your own as you go, that's how I've been going about it, you can save yourself a bunch of time by reading a good guide ahead of time. I wish I had done that.

    Publishing with iBooks Author is a free 110 page publication from O'Reilly Media. I just discovered the guide a couple of days ago and I wish I had found it earlier because it would have saved me a lot of time in learning how to use iBooks Author. Publishing with iBooks Author covers everything from copyright, DRM, and the End User Agreement to templates, layouts, media insertion, publishing, and distribution. You will have to register for an O'Reilly Media account to download the book (that does take a few minutes and requires email verification) but I think that's a small price to pay for an excellent free ebook. Publishing with iBooks Author is available to download as an ePub file and as a PDF.

    This post originally appeared on Free Technology for Teachers

    YouTube Video

    YouTubes Channel Dedicated to iBooks Author - http://www.youtube.com/topic/U5cfYNER2Q0/?feature=results_main

Booktype is an open source program for creating ebooks and preparing them for distribution on Kindle and iBooks. Booktype is designed for collaborative use by a group of writers. You can update your books and redistribute them even after your initial publishing date.

Booktype, the open source publishing platform. from Sourcefabric on Vimeo.

To clarify, Booktype is not a service it's an open source program that you can download and install on your own server. If you have the skills to manage it, Booktype could be a good in-house solution for digital publishing.
This post originally appeared on Free Technology for Teachers. Follow on Google+, Facebook, or Twitter.

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