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QR Codes

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QR Treasure Hunt Generator - http://www.classtools.net/QR/ 

 QR Codes are considered barcodes on steriods! This one little  barcode can take you anywhere on to the internet with out having to type in a web address, send you a personal text message, add events to calendars, or having you listen to an audio file. Schools are now using them for many different reasons. A US school has placed them on to a paper for parents to easily scan at home. These parents are then instantly taken to lunch menus, school building news, upcoming events or calendars, and important district news like delays without having the parents search for 10 minutes to find the link on a homepage. The school is this video has assigned websites QR codes. These codes are posted near the computer and the students just have to scan them to go to the website. Teacher's Guide to Use QR Codes in the Classroom
The Preschool Tool Box: Come Play with Us! - QR Codes Free Tech Games for Kids! -http://thepreschooltoolboxblog.com/?p=3894&goback=%2Egde_108447_member_175429628#%2EUHyIAl9OsF4%2Elinkedin 

QR Codes in Education


Creating a QR Code


YouTube Video

Here is a video on how to create a QR 

YouTube Video

YouTube Video

Many apps for QR Readers are free for most smartphones.
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_X2AYmcoOkI&feature=related - Teachers using QR Codes for worksheets and class work.
 Here is a QR Code for my wiki!
A Lesson in Simple Augmented Reality
QR Code Classroom Implementation Guide
Posted byVicki Davis
 QR for Cool Cat Teacher Blog
 QR Codes
The "quick response" codes are the little codes that have me incredibly excited. I am requiring a QR code on the front of their paper portfolio this year that is a link to their online efolio. I can snap a picture with my cell phone or webcam and go right to the website.

When my eighth graders made their toondoo, I had them turn in the
toondoo for display and then include a QR Code in the top right corner (they just put all this in Word) so that others could comment online with their mobile devices.

What are QR Codes? QR Codes are just barcodes. You can make them for free using services like the
Kaywa QR Code Generator and can encode four types of things:
I'm incredibly excited about QR Codes and am already using them any time I display student work or have them turn in portfolios. My favorite QR Code app is i-nigma.

YouTube Video


QR Webinar from SimpleK12


What is a QR Code?

        Quick response barcode


You need a QR scanner


        SparQcode (website)


        QR CodeWiz

        QRidee (Geman)



Why QR Codes?

        Gets students out of their chairs

        Saves paper

        Promotes exploration

        Shows learning is all around you

        Promotes classroom management

        "great chaos"


How do we make a QR code Interesting?

        create code on SparQcode (add color), Image Editor (tweak)

        use PowerPoint to add additional features

    I love this QR code creator http://www.unitaglive.com/qrcode allows you to add colour and logos etc...    


Activehistory.co.uk/QR/bookmarklet - just QR it


10 Activities:

        Integrate with realia!


QR Coded World

        students collect QR codes in their home and area

        print the codes they found, then post all on a wall

        students scan 2+ QR codes: 

                What did it link to?

                Was it found on a billboard, letter, coupon, pamphlet?

                How could you make it more interesting? Interactive?


        Assign students part/aspect/characteristic of the object to define

        Students create a QR code with a video definition

        Upload to Posterous/Wiki/Blog

        They can add to Wordia.com

        Excellent BYOD mobile device project

Scavenger Hunt

        The teacher inputs questions and answers.  Try in audio or video form.

        The teacher creates QR codes for each question and answer.

        Hide codes and students search for answer

Further Exploration of difficult concepts!

        Excellent for periodic table, phonetic activity, literary devices.

        Embed videos, website

How can we use QR codes with urls?

        Visit a website & contribute to it

        Launch an MP3

        Create a video        


        make students content creator

Create/Answer Polls


rCeate Activities, Portfolios, Presentations on Webdoc.com



We use QR codes to get to websites quickly. Saves typing on the iPad. They love going to the wall and then back to their seat

Working on QR codes with text intros for each teacher for parents to scan while waiting at conferences

Create Activities, Portfolios, Presentations on Webdoc.com

        Create web doc portfolios.

Attach to Digital Stories

        Fotobabble.com (include games, stories, or web stories)

        attach Youtube videos

Students Contribute to a Discussion

        Voicethread.com & app

Contribute to a Mindmap


                students can contribute just provide the link

Create a Collaborative Story

        Google Docs

Guess Who Interview

        students create interview questions

        print QR codes and add to a wall

        students answer the one they scan

        students guess with the clues who the person is

        mix the codes up and post to a wall

Contribute to a Discussion


 Create Interactive Timelines


More Ideas: Attach QR Codes to:        

        add to a music list

        online forums

        digital time capsules        

        add to an image group


        attach to a game



        collective review notes


Add to a wiki or Flicker group for more interaction






http://www.flickr.com/photos/periodicvideos/5912075438/sizes/o/in/photostream/ QR periodic table that takes you to youtube videos of each element (high resolution) 

YouTube Video

YouTube Video

YouTube Video

The QR Invasion. Social Media --> goo.gl/Rgu7tQR Codes. Social Media --> goo.gl/Rgu7tQR Code Usage in Legal Marketing. Social Media --> goo.gl/Rgu7t The rise of QR Codes. #Infographic 

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