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Edmodo is a free private social platform for education. Some call it "Facebook" for the classroom.
Benefits of Edmodo
  1. engages students
  2. improves communication with students
  3. reduces the amount of paper used in your classroom

Edmodo Opens Platform to Developers and Announces Store and Exchange

Newest Article on How I Use Edmodo - http://blog.edmodo.com/2012/11/29/teacher-spotlight-marc-lewandowski-st-leonards-college/

Collect Student iPad Creations with Edmodo - http://sjunkins.posterous.com/collect-student-ipad-creations-with-edmodo

YouTube Video

YouTube Video

Visit the Edmodo blog for tips and news.

Jan Wells' slides from her 2011 Podstock presentation

An Edmodo guide on Yudu written by Patrick Cauley.

20 Ways to Use Edmodo on Slideshare

Here is Cybrary Man's resource page on Edmodo.

A Livebinder by Mandy Durrence

A great blog post and embedded Slideshare "Have You Told Your Parents About Edmodo?"

Implementation of Edmodo is a blog post by Jason Seliskar.
From: teachweb2.0 wikispace

About Edmodo

Edmodo is a micro-blogging tool specific to classroom use. It is a closed system so that teachers and students can communicate, share links and documents in a safe environment. Teachers can post assignments and students can turn them in on the site. They are in beta testing for an "etherpad" type collaborative writing application in Edmodo.


Edmodo Documentation Guide
Edmodo Blog
Edmodo Review


  • Because it is a closed system, it is safe for use with young students.
  • Customer Service - Owner/Creator is easily accessible on twitter and in Edmodo to answer questions.
  • Teacher sees everything the students do so there is no possibility of backchannel between students.
  • Teachers can reset student's password
  • No email required for students to use.
  • No age limit for use.
  • Three ways to receive notifications from Edmodo: email, text message, twitter
  • Allows students to turn in assignments online
  • Ability to make assignments, links, etc, public
  • Teachers can connect in Edmodo
  • Teachers can create a group for each period.
  • Student friendly interface makes it easy for students to use (i.e looks similar to Facebook which many students know how to use)
  • Districts can have their own specific Edmodo community and collaborate specifically with teachers and co-workers across their county


  • Needs a chat feature
  • Doesn't allow students to edit an assignment once turned in
  • Students cannot create polls
  • Would be great if it had a blogging feature built in
  • May not be effective for younger students, due to inexperience


  • Great way to create a paperless classroom
  • Can be used as an in class backchannel
  • Allows for student polling
  • Teachers can have evening help hours
  • Students can keep in close contact with class and teacher if out of school
  • Groups can be created so teacher collaboration about specific topics (reading, technology, third grade, etc.) can occur


  • Edmodo doesn't authenticate if a person is a teacher. Students can create teacher accounts, invite their friends and use it as a way to communicate during school. Some schools looking to block it because of this feature.
  • Students and parents should be aware that there is always a chance someone will post something inappropriate. Understanding this is necessary to get past initial problems that may occur with implementation of any web 2.0 tool.
  • Strict penalties must be put in place to deal with misuse.

Classroom Uses

  • While showing a movie in class, have students use Edmodo as a backchannel to post observations, questions, and enhance discussion.
  • Have students answer a teacher-created poll in Edmodo during a discussion to check for understanding.
  • Have students post their work and then critique each other's projects.
  • If you set the activity as an assignment, the system allows you to grade the projects and give the student feedback.
  • Backpack feature is a way for students to save links in Edmodo's Library Tab, giving them the opportunity to organize their links by category, subject area, or interest.
Edmodo receives Association of Education Honor

Edmodo Teacher Hub is a wiki started by Bianca Hewes and Nordin Zuber.

Here is a wiki page by Erica Roberts where she explains how she uses Edmodo. (Also contains resources)

Follow Jeff O'Hara (a co-founder) on Twitter. He is great about answering questions.

An interview with Nic Borg (a co-founder) on EdTechDigest

Great page on Edmodo - http://cybraryman.com/edmodo.html

 Review by:

Lynn Clegg, a technology instructional coach at St. John's High School in Charleston, South Carolina

Edmodo gives classroom teachers the ability to create a web-based social learning environment and it is FREE. Once a teacher has registered for a free account, he/she can then begin to create a digital learning communities by creating groups. Groups can include the whole class, small groups of students, or just one student for differentiated instruction.

Group members can communicate through posts similar to the platform used for Facebook. Share and store resources using the library. Assignments, events, and announcements for all groups a teacher or student is a member of is displayed on the calendar. Each student in your group will be assigned a parent code that the parent/guardian can use to register for a parent page.

Best Practices

  • Use Edmodo to create small groups within your classes for differentiated instruction.
  • Monitor all Edmodo groups regularly for participation and content.
  • Limit those students who need to build "appropriate digital citizenship skills" to "read only" status, thus allowing the selected student(s) to view group messages and communicate directly to the teacher but not allowing them to post messages to the group.
  • Control how resources are shared by creating folders within the library.
  • Establish parent contact early by introducing parents to Edmodo and distributing the parent codes early.


  • Edmodo is the most user friendly digital learning environment for all users (teachers, students, and parents/guardians) that I have seen and it is free.
  • Extends learning past the school day.
  • Create a paperless classroom.
  • Students do not have to provide any personal information or an email address when registering.
  • The classroom teacher doesn't have to load or import class rosters, students register themselves.
  • The Edmodo staff is responsive to user feedback with upgrades and new features.


  • Cannot easily load an existing quiz from a file stored on a computer.
  • Cannot load an assignment or submit an assignment from an iPad must use a computer. (PC or Mac)
  • Annotate only works fully when using a computer. Only the note feature of annotate works when using the iPad.
  • Some district filters may block the documents from opening and the teacher will have to contact the district's technology department for a resolution.

The Ultimate Simplified Guide to Edmodo - http://www.educatorstechnology.com/2012/06/ultimate-simplified-guide-to-use-of.html

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