About me

I am linguist doing research at the interface of corpus linguistics and usage based linguistics.

I am currently working as a corpus linguist at the Zurich University of Applied Sciences at the Department of Linguistics. We are doing research on the interface of discourse linguistics and corpus linguistics. We are especially interested in identifying  how patterns of language use in the three official Swiss languages (German, French, and Italian) develop across institutions, media, and societal sectors.

In my PhD thesis I worked on syntactic change in the history of German. I compiled a corpus of 500,000 words of 15th century German. In my analysis, I focused on a special aspect of verbal syntax, the serialization within clusters of verbs in subordinate clauses. I used different methods of statistical modelling to find out more about the determinants of language change and explained them within a cognitive, usage based framework.

You can contact me by e-mail (julia dot krasselt at zhaw dot ch).