Krashen Archive 


  • 1979-1994  Is a litterär jazzpuma
  • 1994           Forms supergroup Addicted to the Truth with the drummer from Soundgarden and bass player from Soundgarden
  • 1995, early Releases the album Addicted to the Truth (Journey to the Truth) with Addicted to the Truth
  • 1995, late  Conflict splits Addicted to the Truth. Works as camera man for Gordon's kitchen nightmares. Gets kicked out from the set after filming two episodes due to problems with cooperating with the director/producer.
  • 1996          Is very sad. Writes "rock opera"/musical. Dies. 

Following are the songs that were in the "rock opera"/musical that was written in the aftermath of the split up of Addicted to the Truth. The songs are heavily influenced by the hard times that followed. The "rock opera"/musical was called Addicted to the Truth. Sadly, it never made it to the stage.

Army dad 


Avril, your heart is speeding 

Bret 'the hitman' Heart 

You are not my equal (lo-fi version) 

(Song for) the Ghost rider 


Happy days theme song 


It's not 1957

I hope that I will die

I lost

I play cards


Keep this forever

Kindergarten friends


Cars make people do ugly things

Bridge #1


Give a hand to the chief

I'll never take it back

I am not a bird

I could take it easy

I got more than I asked for

I lost my faith in sunday school

I lost my friend to the sea

I talk to ducks in the park 

I make things explode 

I want to move 

I was never happy 

I watch my back

If you die first

It's not going anywhere

It is hard to stay mad at you


Most important don't panic

Oversized hands 

Protestsinger vs. alleymen 

Quote the bible 

Retirement castle (demo) 

Second year 

Started school with a smile 

The best book is "Jättehemligt" 

The things they make frogs from 

When we were kids we hated things our sisters did (kind)

Wrong from the start

You're doing it again

You are not my equal (full band version)

Your arms


Oh David, oh Keith

The point of being understood

My best friends wants to be a sailor (slow)

My best friend wants to be a sailor (fast)


Country side

I went to college

Molly Mole prepares for battle

Retirement castle

Take a hint

Take a hint (old)

The day before the science fair

Woodward and Bernstein

Actor wife

Call me brother

Close your snowy eyes

High hopes should not be allowed

Take your heart to the cemetary

You are in love with Donna Hayward