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Following article published by the news paper "The Assam Tribune" dated 6 September 1996 that will describe something Kranthi Kiran.


What's 53264 multiplied by9237? Or what's the cube root of 4103625? You might be reaching for the calculator. But it's all child's play for young Tumma Kranti Kiran who is a virtual genius at several highly complicated mathematical calculations.

The 21-year-old young master of mathematics who hails from Wyra, a small town in Khammam district of Andhra Pradesh(India), makes numbers play at his will.

This "little mathematical prodigy" as he is known in his home state, within seconds can multiply any five-digit number with any other five-digit number in a single line, Square roots, Cube roots, fourth roots, fifth roots, sixth roots,... These are a few of those computation skills in his rare repertory.

Give him any three of the details - date, day, month and year. Within the blink of one's eyes, Kranti Kiran can give the fourth, be they AD or BC years. And if this is not enough, read any 100-digit random number for only once, he can not only recall the number precisely but also the digits in the reverse order with what he calls "audio memory".

Yet this whizkid who works at the speed of a computer and has earned the name and fame with his amazing computation prowess, attributes all this to God. And Kranti Kiran is stronly influenced by his spiritual master HH Sri Sri Sri Tridandi Srimannarayana ramanuja China Jeear Swami.

For a boy who hails from a rural area and has an illiterate mother, this is no mean feat. "My parents always encouraged me", he says with gratitude of his mother Ms sarada who is a housewife.

Kranti Kiran, who has three sisters, one elder(Ms Vamsi Priya) and two sisters (Sneha Latha and Srijana),says his interest in numbers originated during his childhood and he noticed his potential in class six. "Then I wanted to do something and started with a calendar...". Now an Engineering student at BITS pilani, Kranti Kiran over years perfected and refined some techniques of quick calculation...

The young genius, who has already put in over 700 demonstrations in several educational institutions in India, USA, including programs on Doordarshan, BBC, ETV, TVI..., has astonished many an intellectua and a wide range of academic experts of various fields with his amazing speed and accuracy. Today he is the proud owner of many awards and titles like Walking Computer, Ganitha Saraswathy, ganitha Bhaskara,...

Reading books, playing chess and caroms and collecting stamps and coins are hobbies of Kranti Kiran. Besides this young wizard spares some time for an institution called 'Kranti Kiran Educational Academy For Mathematics Improvement' where he trains children to do calculations in a faster and more accurate manner, with a view to cultivating a culture of Mathematics among them.