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Calculations @ The Speed of Light (ISBN 983-42925-0-3) - This book was authored  in 2002. 

This book is like a Bible on Vedic Mathematics. Kranti Tumma, age 26, currently lives and works in Hyderabad city, India. At the age of 13 was a child prodigy and was referred to as a "walking computer". He has selflessly demonstrated the Magic of Pattern Recognition for half his life. Seemingly complex calculations can be solved extradordinary swiftly. Even though he is considered "A Gift of God", his teachings are shareable and easy. This book has jaw-dropping examples that are easily understood and replicable. There are many activities with answers in the back. By going through this process, your Memory Power will Increase, and it will definitely boost your Mathematical Confidence.

Jain, Vedic mathematician, Australia >>>


How does this book help?

  • As a person practices and learns the speed math system, he / she becomes very good at basic math. His/her mental abilities are exercised through practice.
  • Powerful visualization skills are developed since much of the steps involved in mental calculations are seen in the mind.
  • The person's ability to concentrate as a whole becomes very strong. His/her overall capabilities in all OTHER areas improve.
  • He/she becomes confident which is a very key factor in becoming successful in life. You'll even begin to enjoy math if you don't already. No money can buy that! This book is the tool that makes this happens!

What do I learn?

  • You start off with refining skills in basic multiplication, basic division, basic addition, basic subtraction, etc. Then you learn:
  • Speed multiplication: you learn many methods for mentally multiplying huge numbers: for example: 425974315 x 57493.
  • Squares: learn to mentally square 2-digit numbers. Square 3-digit numbers by using little written working. Cube: learn to mentally square 2-digit numbers. Cube 3-digit numbers by using little written working.
  • Square roots: calculate square roots of up to 4-digit numbers. Cube roots: calculate square roots of up to 9-digit numbers.
  • Calendar: Can calculate the day of the week for any date.
  • The best of all: you learn how to visualize all this in your mind. You develop powerful concentration. This is the key to all success.

Why should I buy it?

  • If you are weak in math skills, this book will help you develop the foundation for all math skills. If you are already strong in math, you'll GET STRONGER!
  • You get to practice hundreds of thousands of math problems with no limit whatsoever. Practice makes perfect! After seeing how neat this system is, you may begin to develop the ability to simplify.