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Privacy Policy

        Kramer&Kramer Software does not collect any personal information 
        from your use of our apps.  If we have any of your personal information 
        we will not knowingly sell or give it to anyone, except if lawfully subpoenaed 
        to produce it, and then only after offering you a reasonable chance 
        to challenge such subpoena if allowed by law.

Terms of Use

        Standard terms of use apply to your use of all Kramer&Kramer Software apps.
Further, you agree to indemnify and hold harmless Kramer&Kramer Software from 
any liability associated with your use of any Kramer&Kramer Software App and to
immediately stop using Kramer&Kramer Software Apps upon any notice that 
such use may be considered an infringing act.  In no event will Kramer&Kramer 
Software's liability to you exceed the amount you have paid for Apps and In App 
Purchases from Kramer&Kramer Software.

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We would appreciate your comments, positive or negative, directly to us.
We would also appreciate favorable written reviews on the App Store.  

Our Apps

    Kramer & Kramer Software markets the following   apps
    for the iPhone and iPad; all available on the Apple App Store:

          • Stocks and Options:

       option portfolio value analyzer 
           - one month free subscription

Stock Position        
      stock portfolio analysis tool           
            - one month free subscription

   Watch My Stocks  (works with Apple watch) 
          stock portfolio daily gain/loss/price; 
             -  delayed quotes free 

          invest virtual cash in the real stock market; 
             - free initial investment portfolio

          • Maze Games:    
                                            all Maze games are free but with limited mazes;
                                            an IAP upgrade expands the number of mazes


        one dimensional maze game


   Maze Square (Lite)         
        two dimensional maze game 


   Maze Cube Lite        
        three dimensional maze game 


        four dimensional maze game


        multi-dimensional maze game

          • Children's Apps and Games:  
                                            free but with limited birds/colors/levels; 
                                            an IAP upgrade expands the birds/colors/levels

   Color Touch: Birds    
        child's 'touch' App with bird pictures and bird songs
                - ages 1-5

        draw on screen with finger - multi-device capability      
              - ages 2-10

        tilt action game linking paintballs to make them explode
              - ages 4-60

        classic Minesweeper but extended to a 3rd dimension
              - ages 6-60 

          • Playing Cards:      
                                             free but with limited shuffled decks; 
                                             an IAP upgrade expands the number of shuffled decks


   iPlayingCards (Lite)        
        virtual deck of cards for playing any card game


        new innovative version of solitaire


          • Springs and mass:

         simulator of a fixed mass on a set of up to 4 springs

         simulator of a variable mass on a set of up to 10 springs
               adjust gravity, viscosity, damping

          • Expenses:

   Expense List     
         list of current expenses in various categories and currencies
              - 50 expense items free; IAP to expand to 500 

         record, photograph and list credit card receipts
               - free initial 3 months

          • Loyalty Cards:     
                                             free iPunches on iPunchCards;
                                             IAP fee for wireless redemption

          wireless virtual loyalty punch cards 
               - for stores using iPunchStore App

          punch and redeem virtual loyalty cards
               - for users using iPunchCard App

          • Carpooling:

         connect users with matching car pool needs in the 
         Princeton NJ area;  can be used in any location

          • Color Perception:


          test your color matching perceptual skills