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I have decided to post my idea of the best, if unknown, rock music groups since the 1960’s. These are, in my opinion, groups that had much less success than the quality of their music indicated they should have had.

In some cases they only made one or two albums. In some cases they were extremely popular in Europe but not in the US and the opposite is true also. Some were only locally famous groups. Sometimes the musicians went on to fame in other groups or played in these groups after having been famous in other groups.

I also in another section will list my idea of some of the most under rated albums sometimes by famous groups, usually not. I will also put in a list of my favorite live albums with descriptions and links to them, if possible.

There are also some groups that were sort of famous for a song or two but had many more great songs out, such as Golden Earring, J.Geils Band or Blue Oyster Cult.

  • Sample List of Underrated groups, Country of Origin, Musician(s) I Like
  • Be Bop Deluxe -England *Guitarist Bill Nelson
  • Man - Wales * Micky Jones -Guitar, Deke Leonard -Guitar, Terry Williams- Drums, Martin Ace- Bass....
  • Wishbone Ash -England* Glen Turner-Guitar, Laurie Wisefield- Guitar, Andy Powell - Guitar, Martin Turner-Bass, Steve Upton - Drums
  • Budgie-Wales * Burke Shelley- Bass, Tony Bourge- Guitar, Ray Phillips,Ray Williams, and Pet Boot- Drums
  • Dust - US * Richie Wise-Guitar, Kenny Aaronson-Bass, Marc Bell-Drums
  • Wild Turkey- Wales* Gary Pickford-Hopkins-Guitar,Glenn Cornick-Bass, Jeff Jones-drums, Alan ‘Tweke’ Lewis- lead guitar
  • J. Geils Band - US, Boston*Peter Wolf-Lead vocalist, Magic Dick-Harmonica, Danny "D.K." Klein-Bass, Stephen Bladd-Drums, Seth Justman-Keyboards, J. Geils-Lead Guitar
  • Golden Earring - Holland
  • Camel - England
  • PFM - Italy
  • Le Orme - Italy
  • Lucifer’s Friend - Germany
  • Blue Oyster Cult - US
  • Crack The Sky - US
  • Partial List of Great Underrated Live Albums

  • The New Yardbirds - Live
  • J.Geils Live - Full House
  • Humble Pie - Performance -Rockin' The Fillmore
  • Slade - Alive
  • Grand Funk -Live
  • Crack The Sky - Live
  • Man - Maximum Darkness
  • Judas Priest -Unleashed in the East
  • Dogboy - Guerrilla Jazz
  • Jimi Hendrix - Band of Gypsies
  • Santana - Live at the Fillmore
  • James Gang - Live
  • Lou Reed - Rock N Roll Animal
  • Hawkwind- Space Ritual
  • Badger - One Live
  • Glastonbury Fayre - Arthur Brown, David Bowie, Edgar Broughton Band, Gong, Pink Fairies, Hawkwind, Mighty Baby, Brinsley Schwarz --- Great Stuff - Revelation Records

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Arthur Brown @ Glastonbury 1971

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