Richard Holbrooke, the Superman of the Modern Balkans

Every country during the historical developments, divulges its heroes. The heroes grow up in battles for their own dignity and for the dignity of their co-citizens and their country. So, the heroes, with their war in service of the civilization values obtain the dimensions of their nation. But, there are also heroes that exceed the dimensions of a nation. A hero like this does not serve anymore only to one nation, but he puts himself in service of the global civilization. The hero who gets out of the dimensions of the classic definition, who fights not only for his country, but for the dignity of the whole human world, can otherwise be called superhero, just like the American superman. Just like this is the American Ambassador Richard Holbrooke. He is really a superhero, a superman. He is really a model of the American superman.

The Balkans today has a new face. The Balkans today belongs to the modern civilization. And this shape which the modern Balkans has today is thanks to the work, efforts and titanic war of the diplomat Richard Holbrooke. This American superman, for many years in row was faced with the Serbian monster Miloshevic, he defeated him and his military power, and the enslaved Balkans, after it was released from the bad, won the right to get re-dimensioned as a region that cultivates the modern civilization, which aims at peace and prosperity, according to the model of American democracy. It is unnecessary to go into details on how he came in the Balkans and what the American Ambassador Richard Holbroke did, as an envoy of President Klinton. Let the historians describe the details. The foremost is that Ambassador Richard Holbrooke worked very hard and undertook lots of diplomatic battles for the Balkans. So, it is known by everyone that he worked really hard, as if he was one of the heroes from the Balkans gulf. So, the Balkans today has a new face. It is a world inspired by the peaceful ideas of the superman Richard Holbrooke.

This hero was not divulged by the Balkans itself. He was divulged by the American modern civilization. He, as a superman, came from USA to remedy the injustices that the monster Miloshevic did at the expense of Balkans. And he remedied all the injustices. He liberated the Balkans. And the Balkans owes a lot to the superman Richard Holbrooke. Although he is a hero, he has not gone out of the Balkans gulf. He fought and won for the Balkans just like as if he was one of its sons, one of its warriors. The Balkans should engrave in its historical memory this superman, should establish memorials and statues in every corner of it. The Balkans owes a lot to the Superman Richard Holbrooke.
Kosovo and Albania especially owe a lot to him.
The whole Albanian nation, the whole Albanian world owes a lot to him. It was the Superman Richard Holbrooke the one who saved the Albanians of Kosovo from the Serbian genocide of Miloshevic, the one who liberated Kosovo.
Today Kosovo is free and independent, but owes a lot to the Superman Richard Holbrooke. Kosovo should definitely make him part of its historical memory, to establish memorials and statues as if it was its super-son, its superman. Kosovo should immortalize the legendary superman Richard Holbrooke in its songs and history. So should do Albania as well. Especially the state structures, because the Albanian nation has made a special place in its heart for the Superman Richard Holbrooke. We Albanians are often asked why we love so much America, USA. And how can you not love USA? Doesn’t the Superman Richard Holbrooke come from USA? He came and fought for the Albanian cause in the Balkans as if he was Albanian. Even better. That why we Albanians love America and American Democracy, that civilization which divulges supermen as Richard Holbrooke.

This Superman, this peace originator is loved and honored especially by Diplomatic Mission Peace and Prosperity, this peace mission created in the Balkans with the initiative of Richard Holbrooke himself. He ideated it as a mission that inspires the permanent peace in this region troubled continuously by the inter-ethnical clashes. And the superman Richard Holbrooke is and will always remain the first Honorary Chairman of Diplomatic Mission Peace and Prosperity. Like this he has remained in my memory and my collaborators’ memory. Like this he will remain also in the memory of the generation that will govern this mission in the future.

Dr. Shefki Hysa