10 Most Common Kraft Boxes Styles

Kraft Boxes And Their Styles!

As the world is moving towards more and more industrialization, there are hazards which pertain to the environment. Packaging materials cause harm to the environment and are very dangerous for future generations. Keeping this mind, brands are going towards sustainable packaging solution. Paper boxes also known as kraft boxes are the main tool of packaging these days. They are bio-degradable and are very inexpensive. Also, there are many options to customize them according to the requirement of the product.

They are used for packaging as well as in bags. Almost all the products including paper grocery bags to big cartons which are ready to ship, kraft paper are the most reliable option. They can be available in all sorts of quantities, from 10 pieces to bulk quantity they are easily available and are very cost friendly. Moreover, they can be designed in any particular graphics and paintings based on the product specifications.

Kraft boxes are considered as an exceptional packaging solution for businesses as they are the only source of packaging that costs less and delivers the product with safety and security. Most businesses use kraft paper in a bundle to produce these packaging for their products that are produced in bulk. The material of the box that is the kraft paper is in itself a unique and easy to find material. It not only protects the product till long but also helps in making the product light weight thus assists in shipment and handling. Entrepreneurs who are willing to make their product outstand in the market should opt for these unique ones as they can customize it according to the need of product and can use their creativity on.

Let us look into some common types of kraft boxes which are used by businesses.

Virgin Natural Kraft Box

It's clean and durable fiber content and its low cost makes it an ideal option for heavy-duty applications that require a high level of tear resistance. Plus, it's perfect for printing as well, so it's natural for branded packaging and protective layering and wrapping.

1. Natural Recycled Kraft Box

It does not have that much strength and tear resistance but it is more natural so it is more biodegradable. It is safe for the environment and still carries enough strength to do a pretty good job with liners for trays and boxes, interleaves, and bottom wrap for newspapers.

2. Shelf Ready Boxes

The kraft boxes which are ready to display on the shelves for retail sales purpose. They not only keeps the products safely on the shelves but also helps to promote the image of your brand in the way you wish.

3. Box with a Lid

These are flat packed, usually all in one standard size and are easy to place. They do not have a lot of economical waste so they are cost effective. The corners require gluing, taping or stitching during assembly to hold everything in place. They can be printed in up to two colors.

4. Food Box With Window

These kraft boxes have a window on the top of it for a sneak peak of food stored in it. They are used for bakery items and are a source of attraction for customers due to the small see through window attached on the top of it.

5. Gift Boxes

Kraft gift boxes are boxes having multicolored prints on it. They are also decorated with items that make them look unique. These gift boxes are made easy for handling purposes. They act both functional and decorative for the end users.

6. Favor Boxes

Favor boxes are tiny little candy boxes which are usually given as a favor in parties and events. They look very decorative and unique when kept as a themed decoration. They can be made in any size and shape, covered up with a ribbon or graphics which grabs attention. They are usually of the color theme according to the party.

7. Post Boxes

Post boxes are standard kraft boxes used for post purposes. They are of different shapes and sizes according to the weight of the package.

8. Carrier Boxes

Usually paired up with handles to easily handle them while carrying.

9. Beverage Boxes

Kraft boxes made up to the size of beverage to put it. It keeps the beverage easy to handle during travel and keeps it warm throughout.

10. Portfolio Boxes

Boxes made up to keep documents and portfolios safe while heading towards a destination.

For customized boxes based on the utility, do opt for kraft packaging boxes by the custom boxes.