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Getting Started Kit

Decided to take a stab at putting together a list of parts for getting started with Arduino, using as a supplier.  I know you can shop around and find this cheaper, but most people like & use Amazon already.  This may come out more expensive than other kits available, too, but the quantity of parts should be much, much higher.  I know a lot of people say to buy stuff direct on Ebay, but shipping times are horrible, and quality is unknown.  I've added a few items from that I was unable to find on Amazon, or were much cheaper / better there.  Obviously this can be customized further - if you don't care about motor output, don't buy the motor or Servo.  If you don't care about sound, don't get the piezo buzzer.  If you're feeling especially resourceful, you can look up similar items for many of these, especially the "Basic Electronic Components", "Output" and "Sensors" items on sites such as or and save quite a bit more.  I did not link to these sites because it takes more familiarity with each item than I have when you're ordering, and I wanted to limit how many sites I was referring to, for consolidated shipping, etc.

Arduino Uno R3 - $22 (Up to $29 now... microcenter has them for $15 each currently though!)
USB Cable - $4
Optional: Adafruit Proto Shield - $12.50
Optional: Mounting Plate + Half-Size Breadboard - $10

Basic Electronic Components
Resistors (500) - $11
Diodes (10) - $1.50
Optional: Shift Registers (5) - $12

RGB LEDs (50, Common Cathode) - $9 (Since these are common Cathode, not common Anode, see the note here)
LCD - $10
Speaker (steal one from a small toy, I couldn't find a cheap one to recommend)
Piezo Buzzer - $1.50
Motor - $2
Servo - $6
Optional: 7 Segment Display (1 digit common cathode) (4) - $6
Optional: 7 Segment Display (2 digit common cathode) (2) - $6
Optional: 7 Segment Display (3 digit, this is advanced!!) - $7

Tilt - $2

Extras - Optional Items that are inexpensive and useful
Search Adafruit for Headers & Jumper Wires - they come in handy.  Not essential for basic projects, though.  These particular headers are handy, especially for attaching an LCD to a breadboard: Male Header Pins