Dr. Krachler offers a range of lab-based projects for undergraduate and master students. If you are interested in doing your final year or masters project with us, email her at a.krachler@bham.ac.uk.

Dr. Krachler teaches on the following modules:

BIO303 (Public Health and Emerging Infections, Medical Microbiology)

BIOM21 (Bacterial secretion systems)

BIOM22 (Vibrio pathogenesis)

BIOM23 (Bacterial virulence factors)

Further module information and teaching materials (UoB login required).

Dr. Krachler also acts as a personal tutor for Biological Sciences students. 

As a STEM Ambassador, Dr. Krachler visits schools to facilitate a range of STEM-based activities for all age groups or to talk about what it is like to be a scientist. Click here to request a visit.