July 2015
The Krachler lab now has its own lab photo album! Click here to see what we have been getting up to recently!

June 2014
It's been a very productive month for the lab, and we welcomed Lauren, who joined the lab on a BBSRC-funded summer studentship to work on our Vibrio cholerae project. We finished off the month with a well-deserved science-themed break, spending two amazing days at the HAPI (Host and Pathogen Interactions) Retreat in sunny Wales.

May 2014
What a busy few months it's been, but an update is more than overdue. Over the past two months, the lab has expanded big time. First, Vicky joined to do the second of her two rotation projects with us. In April, Fitua joined to start her PhD and Dan started his BBSRC-funded postdoc on the structural biology of mce proteins. Finally, Fiona and Lindsey joined us for their MSc projects. Welcome all of you! Meanwhile, another ex-member went on to secure a PhD position: Well done Dave, and all the best for your new job! It was also a busy time in terms of traveling - I talked about our most recent work on adhesion and host signaling both at the University of Warwick and at Experimental Biology at San Diego. 

February 2014
Congrats to Cathy Hawley, one of the first ever Krachler lab members, who was accepted as a PhD student at the Royal Infirmary Hospital in Edinburgh! She will start her PhD in September, looking at tissue-resident macrophages. We are proud of you and wish you all the best!

January 2014
We are currently recruiting a postdoc with experience in structural biology. Visit our vacancies page for details. Earlier this month we hosted Kim Orth, who gave a fantastic talk about virulence mechanisms in Vibrios. She was impressed by our on-campus pub!

October 2013
We have secured a BBSRC New Investigator grant, yippee! Watch this space, we'll be advertising for a biochemistry/structural biology minded postdoc and a technician soon.

September 2013
This has been a busy month: The University of Birmingham celebrates being awarded 'University of the Year 2013-14' by The Times and The Sunday Times. The School of Biosciences has achieved an Athena SWAN Bronze Award and we can welcome four new people :) Looking forward to all the brilliant science Sadia, Dave, Georgia and Danielle will get up to! 

July 2013
Our latest piece about anti-adhesion therapy was just published as a feature article in Microbe. 

June 2013
Our work on anti-adhesion therapy was featured twice this month, once in an article published in Original magazine and once in the form of a 60 second video on youtube

Our collaborative work with Margaret McFall-Ngai's group looking at the role of MAM in host-symbiont interaction between Vibrio fischeri and Hawaiian Bobtail squid was published in Environmental Microbiology.

May 2013
Our latest review on anti-adhesion therapy just came fresh off the press! It's available here.
Welcome to Rosa, who joined the lab to do her MSc project.

March 2013
We celebrated Alex successfully finishing her MSci project with a much deserved curry. Also celebrating with us were the May lab and Eloise, who'll join us for her PhD research later on during the year.
Anne-Marie Krachler,
Jun 6, 2013, 1:09 PM