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Putting Marine Science on the Map

Workshop Goals

  • Become familiar with Google Maps
  • Learn to
    • upload images to Flickr and/or Picasa
    • create a Google Map
    • collaborate with others on building a map
    • share your map with the world
    • brainstorm educational applications for your organization


You Should Already Have...


Workshop Agenda

Introductions & Ice Breaker

Overview of Workshop and Preparing for Our Walk

  • Logistics of the day
  • Why create a marine science map?
  • Themes for today's map
  • On the walk: taking pictures, notes, and thinking about correlations to your work

Tour of Dunes at Asilomar State Beach with Park Ranger Andrea Mapes
Reflections about Our Walk

  • Themes and topics
  • Making connections
  • Questions

Introduction to Google Maps

  • Go to Google Maps and try out the tools:
    • Zoom in and zoom out
    • Play with the 5 options on the top right of the map: Traffic, More, Map, Satellite, and Terrain
    • What happens when you click Send and/or Link (also on the top right)?
    • Review the QUEST Explorations Template map


LUNCH  (12:00pm-12:45pm)


Planning Our Map

  • Choosing points and themes
  • Considerations when working on a group map

Let's Make a GROUP Map!

Today we will make a group map of "Asilomar Dunes." Each person will contribute content to and collaborate on one group map.


Wrapping it Up

Discussion About Using Google Maps in Your Educational Work

  • Look over "Map Making Tips" sheet

  • Are there particular areas of your work that you can see incorporating this into immediately?

  • Questions for the group


Andrea Swensrud,
Jun 26, 2009, 1:24 PM
Andrea Swensrud,
Jun 26, 2009, 1:16 PM