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A great deal of work has been done to update the district curriculum to align with the most recent New Jersey Core Curriculum Content Standards.   


Purpose of the Curriculum

The curriculum is a document or set of documents that inform teachers about the focus and connections of what to teach. Daily instruction is an application of the curriculum through teaching.  While teaching can occur without curriculum, quality instruction is teaching that is focused by instructional expectations delineated in the curriculum.



Kinnelon has two different types of curriculum documents, the Scope and Sequence and the Understanding by Design Unit Plan

  • Scope & Sequence:  A scope and sequence spells out the full content of a particular curriculum (scope) and the order in which the curriculum presents that material (sequence).
  • Understanding by Design Unit Plan: This is a more in-depth guide produced using the ‘backwards design’ planning model. 

We are proud of the work that our curriculum supervisors and teaching staff have done in creating documents that reflect both the NJCCCS and the Kinnelon academic standards that drive our educational system.  To that end, we want to share that work with the public.  While the curriculum documents that the teachers use to create their lessons are far more extensive, we have created a family–friendly guide to our subject areas and courses.  This is a work in progress, as more curriculum documents are converted into the family-friendly format, they will be added.



The NJCCCS for Mathematics and Language Arts Literacy are the only two standards yet to be updated.  They were slated for release in June 2009 and have not yet been adopted by our State Board of Education.  We will update our Math and LAL curriculum to the 2010 standards when they are released.


Please feel free to contact the curriculum department if you have any questions.



Diane DiGiuseppe

Director of Curriculum & Instruction

Kinnelon Public Schools

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