Lets Make KPFA and The Pacifica Network Community Radio as the  Voices For Justice


A Program To Rebuild KPFA and Pacifica 

  • 1. More community based reporters with news bureaus in the South Bay, N. Bay, Fresno and Sacramento
  • 2. Re-establish and Open up the Program Council meetings to the public.  Programmers and management shall not have a vote.
  • 3. Reorganize the KPFA news department to get more in depth news reporting
  • 4. We need to increase Public Affairs programming at KPFA.
  • 5. Better utilize KPFB by webcasting it and using  new internet technology that will allow more new programs on housing & tenants rights and many other issues. 
  • 6. Re-establish the Women's Department and Third World Department.
  • 7. Establish a Labor Department with voices of the rank & file and leaders of unions
  • 8. Bring back the monthly folio in print and on line with interactive feedback on programming and how to build the station and Pacifica.
  • 9.Stop the destruction of the Program Council and Unpaid Staff Organization by KPFA management and some entrenched staff who are management supporters.
  • 10. Support the establishment of a Pacifica New Orleans Station Affiliate and More National Pacifica Programming by community programmers. Pacifica and KPFA should be doing live and taped recording all day during the 2nd anniversary of the Katrina catastrophe. We need to be a beacon for all the people of this country!