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Dr. Sureya Sayadi
I am a doctor, media and community activist. I have done programming at KPFA about the conditions of Iraqi women and the Kurdish/Iraqi people and was active in helping to encourage KPFA to do more programming on the issues of the death penalty, women¹s rights and programs about working people.

I am on the Contra Costa Human Rights Commission and have worked to oppose discrimination against people from the Middle East and ethnic minorities in the US.
I believe that there needs to be more public affairs programming at KPFA and KPFB and that programming that is able to be on KPFA could be programmed on  KPFB. I also believe that we should stream programming from KPFB.
I also believe that KPFA and Pacifica need to be more active. I went to Jena, Louisiana with a van load of bay area students and the rally and events could have been covered live by KPFA and Pacifica. I also support the establishment of a Pacifica affiliate in New Orleans. KPFA and Pacifica need to broaden our horizans and include those voices that are rarely on the air such as regular programs on housing, veterans, computers/technology and transportation issues.
I also support a news department that will do more in depth reporting with bureaus in the South Bay, North Bay and Fresno for more regular programming from these areas. I believe KPFA needs to have regular community meetings where the listeners and members can let the station know what issues they have with programming and how to build our network. I believe that Pacifica should develop more national programming using the talents, skills and abilities of local programmers from around the country. National days such as May Day, Women¹s Day, MLK Day could be used to build national days of programming from all the affiliates and draw in millions of new listeners. Pacifica and KPFA need to be a beacon for the people of this country who face dire straits along with people of the world.
I also believe that we need transparency and accountability of the Local Station Board and Staff with democratic procedures and processes for all. As a board member I will make sure that the LSB carries out it¹s responsibilities to have a community meeting at least once every 6 months and will work to make sure that the minutes are actually put on the web site and made available at the station. I also support the production of monthly folio in printed form to the members of KPFA.
I am running with the Voices For Justice Slate.

You can also contact me at Sureya Sayadi <>
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