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Steve Zeltzer
The voice of KFPA is needed now more than ever! 
The Bay Area is a vital political and cultural center with people from throughout the world, and we have the potential to reach  millions of people in the N. California who are concerned about the struggle against the wars, the fight for labor and human rights and for justice against the growing repression and attack on our democratic rights.
KFPA needs to become a more relevant station for the many that presently do not listen. KFPA listenership is declining and we need to re-vitalize programming and get new voices and programming on the air.
I will work for:

  • 1. Regular correspondents and news bureaus to cover events in the South Bay, North Bay, Fresno and Sacramento area and  for a news department that starts to do in depth reporting on issues in our area including more Spanish programming.
  • 2. Using the web portal as an organizing site and linking the programs to an events calendar in Northern California.
  • 3.  Using KPFB, which KFPA owns, to put on new programs that have been backlogged at KFPA. The program council should be open to the members of KPFA and also it should be community members and not staff and management who vote on this board.
  • 4. A printed folio with letters from the listeners  and information about the programming.
  • 5. More national programming with segments from Pacifica producers around the country on issues such as housing, the war, labor, veterans, housing, civil rights and women¹s rights along with the environmental crisis. This programming can tie together all our struggles and build our audience base.  
  • 6. KFPA and Pacifica to help establish a new affiliate in New Orleans that can be a beacon to people in the Katrina region.
  • 7. More labor programming with a least a one  hour regular labor show at a time when most people are able to listen.
  • 8. More accountable  management at KFPA. The failure to have a permanent KFPA program director and a permanent manager is not an accident. Some in the management believe that we do not need an elected board and more transparency and accountability. They have reprimanded programmers for encouraging listeners to attend peaceful anti-war rallies and are seeking to micro-manage the programmers. They have also de-recognized the Unpaid Staff Organization UPSO. These are not healthy actions for Pacifica. With a budget of over $4.5 million and the potential to cover the issues and concerns of millions in the bay area we need to strive for  real community radio.
  • 9. The LSB to put it¹s minutes out on the web site on a timely basis  and also to make sure there are regular community meetings as are required in the bylaws but not carried out.

I am a long time labor activist and have been making TV and radio programs for and about working people for many years. 
You can reach me at
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