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CC Campbell-Rock
As a journalist and social justice and peace activist, I share the mission of Pacifica Radio of promoting and working for peace and justice in the world.

As a student of communications, I have learned that the greatest tool for activism of any sort is access to the airways. Too often, those who need a public voice, lack access to a medium with which to air, discuss, and act on their commitment to work for a world that is just and a peace that is lasting. Pacifica Radio ranks at the top of media that provides a voice to the voiceless. Moreover, Pacifica Radio plays an integral part in facilitating the success of the grassroots, the activist community, and to all those who seek justice. By providing time and space for non-mainstream views, Pacifica ensures that our First Amendment Right is secure and realized. No greater mission can any medium have than to promote justice and freedom for all.
As such, I consider it an honor and privilege to serve on the Local Station Board of KPFA Radio, for the express purpose of helping to bring social justice and peace to a world that is increasingly chaotic and unstable.

As a social justice activist, most recently as it relates to the Gulf Coast and hurricane survivors, I have many suggestions to offer the LSB as to how to address the ongoing social injustice on the Gulf Coast and for those who remain displaced across America and beyond.

As one who has personally experienced racism and discrimination, I have suggestions for addressing these problems, as manifested in environmental affairs, education, employment, and government.

As a parent, I have programming suggestions that will help our youth become leaders and responsible for their own destinies.

I will bring to the LSB creativity, knowledge, and skills in the area of community outreach, public affairs and programming.

If elected to the LSB of KPFA, I will work with fellow Board members to facilitate the mission of Pacifica Radio to air news, public affairs and culture that is directed toward peace and social justice, and that which is of interest to diverse communities.