Candidate's Statement-Carl Bryant


I am a United States Postal Service employee, National Association of Letter Carriers union member and worker.
I believe that workers need a vehicle to get their views out to other workers and their managers. Workers also need to inform the public on their views of current events.
This was happening at  KPFA with the Labor Collective Radio Programming.

I started with KPFA as a member of the Labor Collective. The Labor Collective was an innovative idea. The Labor Collective allowed the working class to have direct input into radio programming. This was radio programming from a workers point of view. This was radio programming produced by workers, radio programming written by workers, radio broadcast by workers at KPFA

This election at KPFA is about a radio station making changes and having the ability to stand by the changes. I am committed to helping the station move into the future with a fresh, new out look and perspective on radio programming. When elected, I will work to defend change and ensure that the radio programming changes will help the radio station and radio programming.

I am running with the KPFA Voices For Justice slate and urge all to vote for members of this slate. They include Sureya Sayadi, CC Cambell Rock and Steve Zeltzer.
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Carl Bryant


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