Enrique Iglesias top 10 hits

1):- Hero

Music Video by Enrique performing Hero

"Hero" was released in year 2001 for the Enrique's album Escape. This song has sold over 8 million copies till now and has become one of the best selling single song ever. Awesome lyrics and a superb music have made Hero a heart touching romantic song and all time favorite of millions of people around the globe.

Written by : Enrique Iglesias, Paul Barry, Mark Taylor


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2):- Somebody's Me

Music Video by Enrique performing Somebody's Me

"Somebody's me" was released in 2007 for the Enrique's album Insomniac. This song truly explains the feelings of a broken heart and the trauma that a person goes through after a break up. Somebody's me was a huge success in US, Latin America and Canada.

Written by : Enrique Iglesias, John Shanks, Kara DioGuardi

somebody's me

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3. Do You Know (Ping Pong Song)

Music Video by Enrique performing Do You Know song

Another gem from the Enrique's album Insomniac which topped many charts. This song is also called as Ping Pong song because it includes a percussion track throughout it. Many people didn't like its video but they do love the song.

Written by : Sean Garret, Enrique Iglesias, Carlos Paucar

Do you know?

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4):- Tired of Being Sorry

Music Video by Enrique performing Tired of Being Sorry

Tired of being sorry is a hugely successful and popular song of Enrique. This is a latin pop song which was also released from the album Insomniac.

Written by : Scott Thomas, Geraldine Delacoux

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5):- Bailamos

Music Video by Enrique performing Bailamos

Bailamos means We Dance. This song was sung in two languages English and Spanish. Bailamos was the first English song of Enrique, and received great appreciation from the public, making it to top the Billboard hot 100.

Written by : Paul Barry & Mark Taylor

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Music Video by Enrique performing Escape song

This song belonged to the 2001 Escape album of Enrique. The Spanish version of this song is called Escapar. As usual the lyrics and music says it all. Tennis star Anna Kournikova has been featured in the music video of Escape.

Written by :by Kara DioGuardi, Enrique Iglesias, Steve Morales, David Siegel

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7):- Addicted

Music Video by Enrique performing Addicted

Addicted is a pop song with beautiful lyrics, released in 2003 for the album 7.

Written by : Enrique Iglesias, Paul Barry, Mark Taylor

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8):-Rhythm Divine

Music Video by Enrique performing Rhythm Divine

Rhythm divine was released in 1999 for the album Enrique.

Written by : Paul Barry & Mark Taylor

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9):- Taking Back My Love

Music Video by Enrique performing Taking Back My Love

This song was sung by Enrique Iglesias and Ciara for the album Greatest Hits. Taking back my love was a hit song and topped many charts.

Written by : Enrique M Iglesias, Frankie Storm, Nadir Khayat

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10):- I Like It

Music Video by Enrique performing I Like It song

This song is from the album, Euphoria released in 2010.

Written by : Enrique Iglesias, Nadir Khayat, , Lionel Richie, Armando Perez

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