Dedicated to the game of golf, and creating exceptional playing surfaces 

Over the course of 40 years of playing golf, and 20 years practicing the art and science of 'Greens keeping', Kevin Breen  Certified Golf Course Superintendent has developed a philosophy and practice of managing golf courses for the game of golf.  Experience at every level facility has been a gift that has allowed Kevin to know the golf business from a number of vantage points. 

This experience has developed an open mind to the varied business, and agronomic goals of the municipal facility of Los Alamos County, the resorts of Keystone Ranch and Jackson Hole Golf and Tennis, and the private expectations at Lahontan Golf Club.  The business goals of these facilities have been varied, as have the budgets and resources with Kevin contributing to the successful operation of each one through producing playing conditions that exceeded the expectation of the facility, and always within budget.