Keith Paarporn


I am a PhD candidate in the School of Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE) at Georgia Tech. My research focuses on information, feedback, and influence of multi-agent systems. How should information be distributed to the agents to achieve desirable, global behaviors? What should individuals do given the limited, noisy information they receive? How can one apply external influence to improve these systems? These are important questions in the settings of
  • social behaviors in epidemic networks
  • cooperation in groups of organisms
  • public good dilemmas
The ultimate goal of my research is to 
  • gain insights into the underlying mechanisms of socio-biological multi-agent systems,
  • identify potential methods for influence and control,
To study these problems, I use tools from
  • game theory
  • dynamical systems
  • control theory
  • network science
You can reach me via email: kpaarporn at gatech dot edu
Here is a copy of my CV