What is ''Kowasabi''?
''Kowasabi'' is a Japanese study group for children in Hampshire and Surrey area, run by Japanese parents married to British partners, as a means of handing on their language and culture to their children. 

It started in South Harting 13 years ago and moved to Petersfield in 2010.
Kowasabi” was chosen as a name because it is a play on the word “wabi-sabi”, a Japanese phrase about the country’s culture of beauty and simplicitywith 'Ko' referring to little children.

Fundraising for Tsunami Victems - Result (06.04.2011)

We raised a total of 3054.86 pounds at the event! Thank you!Donation will be sent to the Japanese Red Cross via Japanese Embassy in London

Item In Out Running Total
sponsorship towards T-shirts and car stickers from local companies £300.00 £300.00
T-shirts and car stickers -£299.09 £0.91
Donations from local companies, Japan Society SC and a local school £602.00 £602.91
Sushi ingredients cost -£119.14 £483.77
Catering insurance for the event -£83.25 £400.52
Banner and sundries for the event -£191.68 £400.52
Donations and monies received at the event £2,846.02 £3,054.86
Special thanks to sponsorship and donations
i Synergy
Ann Summers
Connie and Glenn Brown
Peter Soper - 'Man with Mower'
Banner Monkey
Japan Society Southern Counties
Japanese Dessert an-an @ Brighton
the Friends of Langrish School
Special thanks to your generosities and helps
Petersfield Community Centre
Petersfield Lions Club
Portchester Karate Club
Kendo group (From Liss, South harting and Liphook)
Musicians (From Petersfield and Southampton)
Hostesses of the tea-ceremony
Ms. Keren Burney
And all the volunteers who helped us!
Thank you to all the members of the public who gave generously and supported our event.

*If you would like to know more details of the surplus and expenses of the event, please contact us via our contact email address.