Automated Theorem Proving in Dynamic Geometry

Special Session at ACA'2017
to be held July 17-21, 2017 in Jerusalem, Israel

Since the last half century, automated deduction in elementary geometry has become one of the most successful achievements in the field of automated reasoning. Along these decades various methods and techniques have been studied and developed for automated proving and discovering of elementary geometry statements. On the other hand, dynamic geometry software systems (DGS) have emerged, such as Cabri Geometry, C.a.R., Cinderella, DrGeo, GeoGebra, the Geometer's Sketchpad, Geometry Expert, Geometry Expressions or Kig with an ever-increasing presence in mathematics education. Some of them possess a large number of users (over thirty million) all around the world. The merging of these two tools (automatic proving and dynamic geometry) is, thus, a very natural, challenging and promising issue, currently involving logic, symbolic computation, software development, algebraic geometry and mathematics education experts all from over the world.

The Special Session intends to be a forum for 
  • presenting the current state of the art concerning the implementation of automatic proving features on dynamic geometry systems,
  • fostering a debate concerning the role and use of such features in mathematics education (in analogy with the debate, in the 80’s, about the use of calculators in the school).
Confirmed talks:

Rob M. Corless (University of Western Ontario, Canada):
Computer-mediated thinking (abstract)
  Thierry Dana-Picard (Jerusalem College of Technology, Israel):
Automated study of a curve and its associated curves: the case of an astroid (abstractpresentation)
Roman Hašek (University of South Bohemia, Czech Republic):
Automated theorem proving in school mathematics (abstractpresentation)
Zoltán Kovács (The Private University College of the Diocese of Linz, Austria):
Achievements and challenges in automatic locus and envelope animations in dynamic geometry environments (abstract, presentation, supplementary data)
(video conference)
Jiří Blažek and Pavel Pech (University of South Bohemia, Czech Republic):
Investigation of geometric loci using DGS and CAS (abstractpresentation)
Tomás Recio (University of Cantabria, Spain):
Automated Reasoning Tools in GeoGebra (abstract, presentation)
(video conference)

  • Zoltán Kovács <>
    The Private University College of Education of the Diocese of Linz, Austria
  • Pavel Pech <>
    University of South Bohemia, Ceske Budejovice, Czech Republic
  • Tomás Recio* <>
    University of Cantabria, 
If you are interested in proposing a talk, please send an abstract to the organizers. Please use the attached LaTeX template for your abstract and send the organizers both the LaTeX source and a compiled PDF version.

*Third organizer partially supported by Spanish project MTM2014-54141-P (