This page presents my work on NetBeans modules. I hope you'll use and like them. 

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NetBeans modules I developed till now:

- Fortune module for NetBeans 4.1 and 5.0
It looks in $HOME/.fortune for fortune files. Module uses the same fortune files as UNIX's fortune does.

- Tea module shows how long for your tea to be ready. Currently only supports black (3 mins) tea, Earl Gray (5 mins) and fruit (8 mins) tea.

- Search module allows you to search with multiple search engines. It sits in Edit toolbar. As basis I looked to Google toolbar module. Search module uses Preferences to store the search texts that were already used in searches.

- Frontend to a popular JAD decompiler.  It sits in your Window menu. You can also set the location of the JAD program. Just go to Options dialog under Server And External Tool Settings.

- Classes to deploy module helps you determine what classes to also include when you deploy a class.

- TODO module displays TODO, FIXME, XXX type of comments as annotations. Just click Show TODO, FIXME, ... toolbar button or got to View/Show TODO, FIXME, ... The problem that I still have is that the annotations are not dynamically updated when you type in your editor, since I don't know how to do it. I hope someone can help.

- Code Snippets module allows you to create Code Snippets. Go to Window - Open Code Snippets Window. When you select code in you editor right click it and do a Add Code Snippet. When you double click it in the Code Snippets Window the code gets pasted into the editor at the caret position. You will also need the JDOM library wrapper.

- Insert Unicode  module allows you to insert Unicode characters. I didn't develop this one, I only compiled it for NB 6.0.

- imageviewer.zip is the application that me and my colleague demoed at OTS 2008 and is build upon NetBeans Platform 6.1.

All modules work in NetBeans 5.0 if not stated otherwise.

All modules can be also downloded via Kovi's update center (http://kovica.googlepages.com/Kovi_AC.xml)