Guitar Chord Finder

A Music Education Application by Gábor Kovács 

Guitar Chord Finder v1.01

by Gábor Kovács


Guitar Chord Finder (GCF) is a freeware 32-bit Windows application that helps guitar players search out chord voicings according to a set of criteria. Though the program can be used by guitar players in any genre, those interested in chord/melody style jazz guitar will find it particularly useful.


The main difference between GCF and many other 'chord encyclopaedia' software products is that GCF computes and displays ALL POSSIBLE vocings for the specified chord.



The interface of the program consists of a single window containing the following elements:



the root of the chord




the program comes with a list of pre-defined chords


These are stored in the file "chords.txt". Choosing a chord will automatically set the check-boxes in the groups Tones and Essential Tones. Look at the bottom of the list where you can find chord families (such as tonic major chords, altered dominant chords): this is the type of search that one needs most often in jazz guitar playing.




here you can specify which tones CAN occur in the voicings



Essential tones:

these are the tones that MUST occur in the voicings



Melody note:

the highest note in the voicing (you can leave this unspecified)



Bass note:

the lowest note in the voicing (you can leave this unspecified)



No. of frets:

choose 'normal (4 frets)' if you prefer 'comfortable' fingerings;


choose 'wide (5 frets)' if you don't mind stretching your hand a bit



Doubling tones:

jazz guitar voicings rarely double a note in a higher octave, so the default setting is 'off'



Melody string:

the string playing the melody note (you can leave this unspecified)



Muting patterns:

by default the program will search for voicings using one of the most typical string sets which are pre-defined in the file "muting.txt." It is recommended to stick to this standard set, otherwise the program may generate a very high number of voicings many of which are not very useful.



Interval filters:

these are checked by default and reflect standard practice; you can uncheck them but then be prepared for some really weird sound



Find! button:

click on this button to start the search for possible fingerings



Voicings found:

voicings are displayed in this box in a tab-like notation: for each of the six strings either a fret number or an x (muted string) is shown



Fretboard display:

this is where the voicings are displayed graphically


In addition to the options described above, the search algorithm also checks that it is possible to play the voicings with four fingers. (In fact, 'No. of available fingers' is defined as a variable in the algorithm but it cannot be set by the user. Sorry, Django!)

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