Instructor at The University of Texas at Austin
Fundamentals of Managerial Accounting
Summer 2014 - Instructor Rating: 4.0/5.0

Some written comments from students' anonymous surveys:
  • “Professor Koutney is very approachable and kind. He cares about his students… I like how he always offers his students help and walks around in class. He also encourages participation and interacts with everyone.”
  • “Always available. Prompt email responses and thorough. Great in office hours.”
  • “The professor is very helpful and nice. He is patient whenever I ask him questions related to class materials or related to materials outside of classes (related to business knowledge). He also has long office hours. Overall, I liked him very much and would recommend him to other students who will take the course.”
  • “His lecture is well structured and he really cares about students. Best professor.”
  • “Keep it up!”
  • “I honestly thought he was the most organized teacher I’ve had at UT…Great teacher.”
  • “Prof. Koutney is an extraordinary instructor. In the classroom, he thoroughly taught the material and was excited to do so. Outside the classroom, he gladly advised me on tangential topics I was interested in like statistics and research. There was no downside to his class or teaching method. This course, under his direction, has proved immensely valuable.”

Teaching Assistant at The University of Texas at Austin
2017-2018: Introduction to Taxation (Braden Williams)
2016-2017: Introduction to Taxation (Lillian Mills; Braden Williams)
2015-2016: Introduction to Taxation (Kenneth Brown)
2014-2015: Introduction to Taxation (Jeri Seidman), Measurement and Valuation in Accounting (Bruce Johnson; Jeff Johanns)
2013-2014: Introduction to Taxation (Lillian Mills; Jeri Seidman; John Robinson)