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A sports council is required in each municipality to oversee sports affairs within that municipal region. The Kouga Sports Council is recognized by the Kouga Municipality, the Cacadu District Sports Council and the Department of Sports as the statutory body fulfilling that purpose.  As listed in its constitution, the 3 major objectives of the KSC are as follows:

1.  To encourage the participation in sport by all persons resident in Kouga.

2.  To encourage the development of sport at all levels in Kouga.

3.  To improve the access to funding, expertise and facilities for all sports codes and regions in Kouga.


Financial Report for General Council on 7th August 2016

The KSC receives funding, mainly from the Kouga Municipality (KM), which it spends mainly on promoting sport within the Kouga region. The KSC reports on progress to its membership at General Council meetings held once per quarter. This financial report has been prepared for the General Council meeting to be held in the Newton Hall on 7th August 2016. This report covers the period from 1st March 2016 to 21st July 2016, corresponding to the term of the current exco.


  • The KSC obtained Public Benefit Organisation status and tax emption status in the course of the last year. Our PBO number appears in our letterhead. Public Benefit Organisation is the new term for a non-profit organisation.

  • We have successfully applied for and received a significant training grant from the KM for the 2nd time.

  • As part of our mission to be the primary representative for sport in the Kouga region, the KSC has now been tasked with organising and executing the 2016 Mayor’s Cup. Successful soccer, rugby, netball and golf tournaments have been held recently, paid for through a grant from the KM..

  • The KSC exco were closely involved with the Department of Social Affairs and DSRAC in organising a successful Golden Games event for senior sports men and women in Hankey in July.

  • The KSC in partnership with Kouga Tourism organised a successful Easter Sports Series in Jefferys Bay in March of this year. Touch rugby, volleyball and soccer tournaments were held on Main Beach. The KSC, KM and private businesses provided funding for this event.

  • After lengthy negotiations, the KSC has succeeded in setting up first class indoor volleyball and badminton facilities in the Jeffreys Bay High School hall. Regular Wednesday evening sessions in both sports are rapidly growing in popularity. This has been financed using the Training and Development grant from the KM.

  • The KSC in partnership with the Kouga Local Football association has organised a soccer referees training course.

  • Since March of this year.

    • The KSC has disbursed R136,000 in grants to various members and sports codes

    • The KSC has paid R31,000 in prizes, trophies and medals for various sports competitions.

    • The KSC has spent R14,000 on various training and development activities

  • The KSC has details for 21 sports federations, 85 clubs, 38 schools and 1072 individual members in its database, and on its website.

  • The KSC is one of the most functional and successful sports councils operating in the Eastern Cape.


  • The workload on the KSC exco has increased steadily as we have become more widely known and successful. We receive new requests for funding virtually every day, which must be carefully recorded, evaluated and responded to. We are involved in attending meetings and organising many sporting events. We must maintain accurate minutes of meetings, financial records, a database of members, a website and facebook page. To assist with these tasks the exco has co-opted a secretarial assistant who receives a monthly honorarium,  This approach has had mixed results with past assistants, although the current assistant is working out well.

  • The KSC exco has had to develop a protocol for dealing with the flood of applications for assistance. Many applications are submitted just days before the funds are required, are poorly documented and motivated, and exceed the financial capacity of the KSC. Future applicants should be aware of the following protocol for grant applications:

    • Applications are considered and voted upon at the monthly exco meeting. Accordingly, applications should be submitted at least 5 weeks before the funds are required. Applications submitted with less than 7 days notice will probably be declined.

    • If a late application is justified and urgent, the exco will vote on the application via Whatsapp, but the total amount is restricted to R1000.

    • Applicants must be “ratified” members of the KSC. This means that they must have completed and submitted a membership application, and must have attended at least one KSC function (AGM, General Council, sports event, training event, etc). This requirement will be strictly enforced in the future. (It is worth noting that most applications come from schools and scholars, although very few schools attend KSC events.)

    • In general, requests for transport assistance from established clubs will not be approved. Clubs are expected to budget for their own transport.

    • Preference will be given to requests from younger members with limited means who demonstrate real commitment to their sport.

    • No grant requests for more than R5000 will be approved.

  • Many sports codes and clubs within Kouga are not affiliated with the KSC, although there is no cost for affiliation. Many sports events are organised within Kouga with no notification or involvement of the KSC. Marketing the KSC is a challenge the exco will continue to work on in the future.

  • The KSC website should be a resource listing the details of all upcoming sports events, club contact details and league results for the region. Obtaining and coordinating this information continues to be a challenge.

  • Despite the generous funding from the Kouga Municipality, the financial needs for sport in Kouga exceeds our current capacity. Many businesses in the Kouga region have significant social development budgets which they wish to deploy to reliable partners with a proven track record and adequate financial controls. The KSC can fulfill this role very well. More marketing to local business is required.

I would like to thank the Kouga Municipality, and in particular, the staff at the Tourism office for their ongoing and valuable support. I also thank my fellow exco members who have really risen to the challenge of making this worthwhile venture succeed.

Yours in sport.

Trevor Watkins - Treasurer.