physics demos

most of the demos are made with java, so if a demo doesn't work, you probably don't have the latest version of java and can get it by clicking below. 

GetJava Download Button

solid particles

viscoelastic solver

gelatin demo - right click to freeze/unfreeze

my water - my own simulation method

orange juice

multiple fluids - two fluids of different densities

multiple fluids 2 - now with bubbles

physticks - a bit of verlet integration left click and drag to create segments. right click to start/stop simulation

area preserving blob - soft body physics where the blob maintains the same area inside the polygon at all times

soft body physics - draw any shape and it will simulate it as a soft body. for now, i haven't put in all the conservation of mass, so try to make all the line segments the same length. if you don't it will behave in strange ways.

click to repel & ctrl+click to attract

yay! a new neighbor searching method has been implemented that allows all of the above physics demos to run much faster than before.


an old physics experiment done in flash. just "hit" the ragdoll with the mouse

field lines

shift+click to create positive charge and ctrl+click to create negative charge. click to see field lines.