hey everybody, this website actually isn't really working correctly since google transferred everybody from google pages to google sites, which doesn't really allow embedded java applets.

grant kot

let's have some physics fun!

hi. my name is grant kot. i am a computer programmer, and i focus mainly on physical simulations, but i have done many programs in other categories as well.

i've started work on a new sandbox. you can find the page here.

check out some cool real-time physics simulations here! most are in the form of a java applet, so make sure you have the latest version of java.

i have also had some experience with 3d modeling. you can find my image gallery here.

here is a link to my game polluted planet, which is still in beta mode. i took quite a long break from it, but i'm finally getting back to it. the particle based fluid simulator has been optimized for many-core, and the grid based simulator has been implemented on the gpu. so get ready for a sick update.

here are my videos on youtube, where you can see the different types of physics i've worked on (both particle and grid-based fluid simulation, and soft bodies):