OK so you want a FREE PlayStation 3 right?  Well I know it sounds crazy but it's true and here is all you need to do:

First visit this link http://www.ps34free.com/default.aspx?r=871182 and sign up for an account, it's free.  Now once you become a member you need to sign up for one of their sponsors offers.  Sounds risky huh, that's what I was thinking.  Well it truly isn't.  This company has a few offers that are very easy and free, I went with the Fastweb offer and got credit the next morning I woke up.  There are a few other offers that are free, all you have to do is fill out an application that doesn't take long at all, no credit card or social security number required.  Once you've signed up at http://www.ps34free.com/default.aspx?r=871182 and completed your offer it's time to start getting referrals.


Watch these videos:  This is a broadcast from NBC and G4 talking about how these work  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DFKYVE__Mug

This video is from a broadcast on the BBC  http://www.youtube.com/v/veLQ3BpSpI4

Now all you need to do is refer 12 people to do the same thing and you get a FREE PlayStation 3.  You are by now thinking, "This can't be true, it's a scam" as I thought.   After you complete your sponsor offer (and cancel it after you get credit of course), then invite 9 other people to do the same, YOU get a FREE PlayStation 3.  It really isn't too good to be true and it's well worth the little time it takes to complete.  So go check out http://www.ps34free.com/default.aspx?r=871182 and start now to get your PlayStation 3 soon.