Authorised and Certified Translator Finnish – Arabic

Ayman Abu Saleh

Authorised and Certified Translator Finnish – Arabic

Licensed Translator Finnish – Arabic

Ayman Abu Saleh

My native language is Arabic



Ayman Abu Saleh

Ristipellontie 6 B 33

FI-00390 Helsinki – Finland.

Phone (Mobile): +358 44 2909535.




I am licensed translator Finnish - Arabic and I have extensive experience to translate officially certificates for private persons (education, marriage, divorce, employment, etc.), official company documents (articles of association, extracts from the trade register, etc.) and contracts.

I have also extensive experience to translate officially all kind of documents for the authorities.

I have also extensive experience in translating from Finnish into Arabic language annual and interim reports, press and stock exchange releases, customer and personnel magazines, brochures, marketing/advertising texts, Internet and Intranet texts, quality and environmental manuals, contracts, patent applications and film dialogues. 

I check and edit a variety of texts written by non-native or non-professional speakers in Arabic. They include annual reports, customer magazines, university theses, and film scripts - even the letters of ordinary people!

 I am happy to give help and advice on Arabic language-related questions by phone, email or face-to-face. I am available to answer your questions at any time.


 Here are some points to remember when ordering translations or language checking/editing services.


I am Licensed Translator Finnish – Arabic.

Length, subject matter and style of the text

 Please send me the entire text you want translated/checked, so that I can better estimate the final cost. The time it takes to do a translation depends on the length of the text, as well as on its subject matter and level of difficulty. Please let me know the purpose of the text and the target group, and whether you want the translation to be word-for-word, or more creative and free. I prefer to receive documents in electronic form (e.g. MS Word).

Background information and terminology

 If you have any material related to the translation or previous translations on the subject, please provide them to make the translation work easier and more consistent. Please inform me if you wish me to use your company’s established terminology. I prefer to have a contact person whom they can approach with questions concerning the text.


 When making an order, please let me know when you require the translation to be returned. Quality work takes time, so contact me well in advance. Urgent work throws off my schedule and adds to me’ workload, so I may have to charge extra. However, I always inform my customers of additional costs beforehand.

Licensed translations

 If you need a licensed translation (e.g. certificates, extracts from the trade register, articles of association, etc.), I must see the original document to ensure its authenticity. Please bring me or send me the original document for copying by post or you can show the original when collecting the finished translation. Your translation will be stamped and signed by me as a licensed translator Finnish - Arabic.


Each translation job is unique and its price depends on various factors including the length, urgency and difficulty of the original text, repetitions and format, and therefore the rates given here are an indication only.

Authorised translation from Finnish language into Arabic stamped by the sworn translator:

40 € / page.

Unauthorised translations from Finnish language into Arabic:

30 € / page. 

Minimum fee 50 euros

 All prices are subject to VAT (at 24%) within Finland.


  Of certificates, powers of attorney, extracts from the trade registry, articles of association and other official documents

 The price includes

 Translation of the document certified by an official (authorised) translator.

 Language (Authorised translations)

Finnish – Arabic.

*Authorised translations are done only from/into Finnish, Swedish and Sami languages in Finland.

40  euros/page.

or 1,6 euros per source line

(1 line=60 characters including spaces )

One page = 1560 characters including space = 26 lines = 250 words. 

One word costs: 0,16 euro.

That includes,

official (authorised) translator’s stamp / cetification by authorised translator.

 + postage 5-10 euros.


Reading through a translation or any other text for language and style

Arabic Language

20,00 euros per page

or 0,8 euros per source line

 (1 line=60 characters including spaces) or 40 euros an hour


The price includes

Professional translation, keeping the original layout or design (fonts, tables, images etc)


Finnish – Arabic – Finnish

1,6 euros per source line

(1 line=60 characters including spaces)

Or 0.16 euros per source word (also depends on source language)

 From 40 € /page or € 0.16/word + VAT 24% depending on the type of the translated text. Minimum charge € 40 (+VAT).


 meetings, negotiations, presentations, training, conferences etc.

 The price includes

Consecutive / liason Interpreting

Simultaneous / conference interpreting


Finnish – Arabic – Finnish

Finnish – Romanian – Finnish

Finnish – Moldavian – Finnish


By agreement

40 euros an hour (minimum charge 100 euros for two hours or less) for the Helsinki metropolitan area (including Vantaa, Espoo and Kirkkonummi),

The rest of Finland: by agreement

It is possible to pay in cash, directly by a payment to my account, by bank transfer payment, by sending you an invoice or even by PayPal: .

My values

My work is guided by principles of strict confidentiality based on ethical values and the code of conduct for interpreting and translation profession.

My aim is to provide accurate services which offer value for money, competitive and high professional standards of language consultancy.

I am committed to ensuring that interpreters' performance, working conditions and remuneration meet international standards established by the International Association of Conference Interpreters (AIIC).

I am member of the Finnish Association of Translators and Interpreters (SKTL). I am sworn translator Finnish - Arabic and native speaker of Arabic language. I am responsible for co-ordination and liaison with clients.

My mission is to provide a service which gives clients trust and confidence in the accuracy of my translation and interpreting.

I have extensive experience in:

  • Sworn translations
  •  Medical translations
  • General translations
  • Financial translations
  • Commercial translations
  • Technical translations
  • Book translations
  • Legal translations
  • Translation of HR texts
  • Special translation projects

Delivering finished work

 I normally deliver all finished work by email except for licensed translations, which are delivered on paper, stamped and signed by me as a licensed translator Finnish - Arabic. If you wish the work to be delivered by fax or mail, please present your request when making the order.


Contact me!

 Please do not hesitate to contact me, if you require more information. My telephone number is +358 44 2909535. You can also contact us by email: . The same contact information can be used for making orders.

Certified / Authorized Translation

Most of the translations do not have or even need authorization/certification. Authorization/Certification is required only if a translated document is to be presented to Finnish or foreign authorities. Same applies to documents to which competent authorities (magistrates, town halls) have affixed apostilles as part of the legalization procedure required by a state which is party to the Hague Convention of 1961. Demand for an apostille is determined on a case-by-case basis, and you should always ask your authorities in advance if it is necessary in your particular case. Authorization/Certification of a document makes it legally valid.

Below are a few examples of documents that might need to be authorized/certified before they are presented to authorities in or outside Finland or for example insurance companies abroad in the language of the country in question:

  • Birth certificates
  • Vital records certificates
  • Marriage certificates
  • Death certificates
  • Diplomas, graduation certificates
  • Medical records, doctors’ notes, bills for hospital treatment or health care
  • Rulings by KELA, Migri, Police, and other authorities
  • Wills, powers of attorney, and other notarial acts
  • Judgments and other legal documents

A translator is awarded authorization/certification by the Education Board only after the candidate has proved his(her) qualification and knowledge though the exam arranged by the Board annually in a number of Finnish towns.


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