Kosuke Uetake

Assistant Professor of Marketing
Yale School of Management

Research Interest:
Industrial Organization, Quantitative Marketing, Social and Economic Network, Financial Markets
My Yale SOM Official Web Page:

Upcoming Seminars:
  • June 16-18th, 2016: Marketing Science Conference "Inferring Consumer Inattention"
  • June 21st, 2016: Hitotsubashi "When Salesforces Manage Customer Relationships"
  • June 25th, 2016: Contract Theory Workshop "When Salesforces Manage Customer Relationships"
  • June 26th, 2016: Kyoto Applied Microeconomics Summer Workshop "The Effects of Compensation Frequency"
  • July 11-15th, 2016: SICS "Signaling in Online Credit Markets"
  • July 11-13th, 2016: SITE "Mergers, Innovation and Entry-Exit Dynamics" (co-author presenting)
  • July 23rd, 2016: NBER IO "Mergers, Innovation and Entry-Exit Dynamics" (co-author presenting)
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