Ветераны и самоубийства

Вдогонку к самоубийству Leonid Kanter. Смотрю видео https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yTrNxi3Uclw про телеканал черного армейского юмора, который делают ветераны для ветеранов. И они говорят, что это помогает им справляться со стрессом и избавляет от желания покончить с собой. (Я в этом вижу инструмент для обработки информации о своем травматичном опыте.)

Вот думаю - может, это о чем-то, чего не хватило Леониду в гражданской жизни?
Может, стоит, в память о нем, делать что-то подобное? Признавать наличие травматичного военного опыта и касаться его хотя бы в такой форме черного юмора (если, уж, так сложно сделать, чтобы бывшие военные стали получать помощь от психологов).

Антон Колумбет, видео и статья в комментарии подходят для твоего телеграм-канала, мне кажется.

Welcome to Vet.TV: a comedy website started by an ex-Marine named Donny O’Malley who believes his brand…
Костя Коваленко
Костя Коваленко Из интервью Донни. Он видел, что ветеранам было трудно приспособиться к гражданской жизни, и он захотел создать сообщество для них.

Did you feel stigmatized or disconnected when you left the Corps? 

DO: I felt slightly detached but if anything I just felt a little different. I would talk to some of my friends and it would sound like I was giving orders. You can't do that in the civilian world. One of my favorite things about the Marine Corps is how direct you can be with someone. I could tell someone in the Corps, "You look fat as fuck in your uniform. You need to fix that shit." You can't say that to civilians. I would still say things like that when I got out. I'd be that direct and blunt. So many people just couldn't handle it. It didn't make me feel alone because my network is so awesome. My family is very close. I'd lived in San Diego for twenty years. I've had the same friends for twenty years and in college, I was in a frat. Me and my frat buddies talk to each other every day. We have a get together like three times a year. I didn't have that same feeling of detachment that many guys have when they get out. Part of why I'm doing what I'm doing though is because I saw that in everyone else. It's my nature to include everyone in what I'm doing and try to take care of others. I felt like, "This isn't right that I have community and they don't. Fuck that. I'm going to make community for us."
Костя Коваленко
Костя Коваленко о социальной изоляции

If you could tell a civilian one thing to change perception what would that be?

DO: If I could tell civilians one thing to change perception it would be to look at all of the mass killings that we've had in the U.S. The one thing they all have in common is that the person that did it was socially isolated before they did it. They were dealing with mental issues and their reaction was to fucking kill everyone else. A veteran who is dealing with mental issues and is on the same brink as those others, their reaction is to kill themselves. A veteran joined because they want to protect others. It's in our nature. I think if they understand that about us it might improve the way civilians interact with us and help us.
Костя Коваленко
Костя Коваленко участие в сообществе спасает ветеранов от мыслей о самоубийстве

What's been your most memorable experience post-service? 

DO: It's really hard to identify my most memorable experience post-service. Every Silkies Hike I go to is the best day of my life. So it's really hard to identify a single moment as my best one post-service. Actually, it might've been in New York City a couple weeks ago. Every hike is very similar because there are dozens or hundreds of veterans getting together having this elating experience. I'm getting hundreds of people coming up to me and saying, "Thank you" and explaining what it means to them. There are none that stand out completely. I get tons of these experiences where someone says, "I'm certain I'm alive because of this. I was putting a gun to my head every night and thinking about pulling the trigger. This hike pulled me out of my depression." I hear that tons and tons of times. What greater thing could I possibly hope to hear? Nothing.
Костя Коваленко
Костя Коваленко План Донни - наладить общение между ветеранами, которые были на одних полях сражений:
I bring up awareness at the end of the book followed by the fucking plan to prevent. The plan is simple. Bring veterans together to form a connective bond. I said
, "Government, Marine Corps, DOD, this is what you can do to facilitate communication amongst veterans of the same unit." Because the guy that can help you the most is in your squad, your fire team, your platoon, your company, your battalion and finally someone else who's been on that battlefield. It doesn't even matter if they're in the same unit. It just has to be someone who has also been on that battlefield. If you facilitate the connections between all those fucking people you reduce the number of suicides. That's the specific plan. Ever since I brought that up, I've been executing that plan. Everything that I've done with my non-profits has brought veterans together to connect the bond.

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