Do you sometimes wish you could play all these Nintendo ROMs on DS console?
Now you can with a NDS Flash Card Adapter and PassCard combo you can write multiple DS game roms to a flash cardridge and play them on Nintendo NDS or DS Lite or the new DSi.
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G6 Flash Lite - supports both DS and GBA Roms games but also includes built in emulators for playing FC, NES, SNES, GB, GBC, PCE, SEGA-MasterSystem and SEGA GameGear roms. And as you would expect from a flash card it also lets you play MP3 files and Video on Nintendo DS! Read More »

M3 Simpley

M3 DS Simpley ( also known as R4 )
DS Slot-1 Flash Adapter for playing DS ROMS. M3 DS Simply is a kit for running homebrew applications, DS game backups, MP3's Video etc. It has "Drag and Drop" functionality for adding ROMS to the card - NO need for patching!

You can play mp3's, read TXT books, and run your homebrew applications with ease. One of the best product currently available for the Nintendo DS.

You can even use this device as a PassCard for other Slot-2 M3 products allowing you twice as much storage. If you add the M3 or M3 lite Perfect get GBA support!
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You can order Flash Cards for playing NDS & GBA ROMs at the folowing stores:

(For booting NDS ROMs you need a DS PassKey + Flash Card, for GBA roms just the Flash Card)

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We have fallen behind with the releases and that will be fixed in the next couple of days, so to keep you busy until then please download the long awaited
Pokemon Diamond (U),
Pokemon Pearl (U) and
Final Fantasy XII - Revenant Wings

1459 Chibi-Robo! Park Patrol (USA) (by Micronauts) 512 Mbit Flash (2Mbit)
1458 The Legend Of Zelda Phantom Hourglass (USA) (by Independent) 512 Mbit Flash (4Mbit)
1457 Ed's Farm (Europe) (by sUppLeX) 64 Mbit EEPROM (4Kbit)
1456 Wi-Fi Taiou Gensen Table Game DS (Japan) (by High-Road) 256 Mbit EEPROM (512Kbit)
1455 Math Play (USA) (by SQUiRE)64 Mbit EEPROM (4Kbit)
1454 Animal Genius (USA) (by SQUiRE) 128 Mbit EEPROM (4Kbit)
1453 2 In 1 ATV Thunder Ridge Riders & Monster Trucks Mayhem (USA) 64 Mbit EEPROM (4Kbit)
1452 Animates! (USA) (by Xenophobia) 128 Mbit EEPROM (64Kbit)
1451 Elemental Monster Gochuushin No Nazo (Japan) 1024 Mbit EEPROM (512Kbit)
1450 Race Driver Create & Race (Europe) (by Xenophobia) 512 Mbit EEPROM (64Kbit)
Latest NDS ROMs and more coming real soon (like in a couple of days). The problem was that 2 or the servers we used for seeding the roms got disconnected from the net by The ESA and we shut down the 3rd before they took farther action. Now we have found another way to provide you with the latest NDS roms so please be bare with us as we prepare the updates.

Latest Update: New Games have been added - now up to DS ROM 952!
You can expect 2 new romsets in a couple of days.

NDS ROMs new! [Size: 1.19 GB] DS Romsets #17 with games like: Paws & Claws - Pet Vet,Charlottes Web,Micro Machines V4, Dead N Furious, Children of Mana, Brick Em All DS, Cars, Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney - Justice For All, The Incredibles - Rise of the Underminer, Hotel Dusk - Room 215, Zoo Tycoon, Star Fox Command, Diddi Kong Racing, Contact, Magical Starsign, Lunar Knights, Pro Evolution Soccer 2007.

As promissed DS Romsets #15 and #16
NDS ROMs - [Size: 1.02 GB]
NDS ROMs - [Size: 1.11 GB]

NDS ROMs 800+ have been updated up to 842. Look on the 800+ page for links. In the next coupel of days we will finaly realease the next 2 RomSets for 0701-0750 and 0751-0800. We had some complications with numbering and after that some server problems + server move and little downtime, so had no time to sort it out. As usual - the best way to help this site is by Downloading and Sharing your roms -- Keep the finished downloads running for as long as you can, so that people who seed the new files can give more bandwith to the NEW roms...

NDS ROMs NDS Romset # 14 released.

Massive update on NDS Roms 600+ page - added more than 20 new games for you to download! Superman Returns The Videogame, Bomberman Land Touch, Elite Beat Agents, Pokemon Ranger, NFS Carbon Own The City, The Sims 2 Pets, Star Trek - Tactical Assault, Lara Croft Tomb Raider Legend, Akumajou Dracula - Gallery of Labyrinth (J) and more. And YES - > 0681 - Final Fantasy III (U) - USA -> ENGLISH version is out!

eMule Link -> NDS ROMs 0601-0650 [Romset #13 Size: 1.21 GB]

If you are looking to buy Nintendo DS ROM backup card and you live in USA here is a code for you r410062 - 10% off all Nintendo R4DS, R4i, AceKard and M3 DS Real cards at R4DS.USA Store! Note that here you get free shipping to USA so order closer to home :)

m3 adapter passcardIf you live in EUROPE and need a Flash Linker for playing NDS ROMs check out Flash Linker Shop EU (shipping from Germany - VAT and Shipping costs included in the price). They ship worldwide, but in EU you will receive you NDS Linker in just a couple of days!

g6 lite flash setDiViNEO China has a great deal on G6 Lite 4Gbit + NDS Passcard. ($98.95 USD) You get a full set of all the tools you need to play NDS ROMS, GBA ROMs, MP3, Movies + G6 comes with a built in emulators for SNES, NES, GB, Game Gear, PC Engine and other classic rom games!

eMule Link -> NDS ROMs 0551-0600 new! [Romset #12 Size: 909.70 MB] . And a side note - Please DON'T download fake files in eMule. If you see a NDS ROMs file in eMule SEARCH that claims to be from our site, but there is NO link for such a file on the site => it is FAKE. Also check the comments and filenames that other users have for the file - in many cases you will see that it is p0rn or something totally different.

We messed up a little bit and accidentally switched roms # 0591 <-> 0592. Has been corrected now. If you already downloaded both of them just switch the names - otherwise re-download.

Loads of new roms added to the NDS ROMS 500+ page. Mario Hoops 3 On 3 (U), Mech Assault Phantom War (U), Pokemon Mystery Dungeon - Blue Rescue Team (U), FIFA 2007 (E), Alex Rider - Stormbreaker (E), Pokemon Pearl (J), Pokemon Diamond (J) and more.

Progetto - first let me thank you for seeding our romsets as Torrents. Could you please contact me about possible cooperation and hosting them on this site.
(or if someone knows how we can get in contact with Progetto please e-mail.)

eMule Link -> NDS ROMs 0501-0550 [Romset #11 Size: 1.12 GB] Includes games like: Pirates of the Caribbean Dead Mans Chest (J), Mario Basket 3 on 3 (J), Opera Nintendo DS Browser (J),Top Gun (E),Cars (E)(WRG),Monster House (E),Deep Labyrinth (U),Madden NFL 2007 (U),Final Fantasy III (J),Star Fox Command (U).

WARNING: Reminding you that real romsets come with 50 games in them - no more no less, SO if you search eMule and see something like NDSroms 0510-0530 you can be sure that it is a FAKE (most likely renamed pr0n). Also notice that ROMsets are ~1GB in size. Again if you see a romset that is ~30 MB it is more than certain that it is FAKE... Easiest way to avoid downloading fake files it to get the LINKS from the one true source - that is this website :)

StarFox Command DS rom or should I say Star Fox Command (USA) is on DS ROMS 500+ page.

eMule Link -> NDS ROMs 0451-0500 [Romset #10 Size: 1.05 GB]
Includes games like: X-Men - The Official Game (E), Big Brain Academy (U), Metal Saga - Hagane no Kisetsu (J), Tamagotchi Connexion Corner Shop (E), Pirates of the Caribbean - Dead Mans Chest (U), New Super Mario Brothers (E), Sudoku Mania (U), Rockman ZX (J), Cars (J), Naruto RPG 3 - Reijuu vs Kinoha Shoutai (J).

Releases ar up to #0465 now. Find the latest under NDS roms 400+
X-Men - The Official Game (E) Cars (U) Big Brain Academy (U) Metal Saga - Hagane no Kisetsu (J)
Magnetica (U) Digimon Story (J) etc.

eMule Link -> NDS ROMs 0401-0450 [Romset #9 Size: 991. MB] Includes games like: New Super Mario Bros. (U), X-Men - The Official Game (U), Super Princess Peach (E), Taos Adventure Curse of the Demon Seal (E), Peter Jacksons King Kong Official Game of the Movie (J), Finding Nemo - Escape to the Big Blue (E), Kanji Sonomama Rakubiki Jiten (J), Zoo Tycoon DS Doubutuen wo Tukurou (J), Tetris DS (E), My Pet Hotel (E), MegaMan Battle Network 5 - Double Team DS (E), Naruto Saikyo Ninja Daikesshu 4 (J), FIFA World Cup 2006 (E), Nobunaga no Yabou DS (J), Guilty Gear Dust Strikers (U), Lostmagic (U), Trauma Center - Under The Knife (E), Lostmagic (E), Metroid Prime Hunter (E), Pokemon Link (E), Top Gun (U), Over The Hedge (U), Ultimate Spider Man (J) and many more.

0434 New Super Mario Bros (U)(pSyDS) has been released! Look under 400+

eMule Link -> NDS ROMs 0351-0400 [Romset #8 Size: 962 MB]  Includes games like: Ys Strategy (J), Tetris DS (U), Metroid Prime Hunters (U)(WRG), Worms - Open Warfare (E), Deep Labyrinth (J), San-X Land - Theme Park de Asobou (J), Harry Potter to Honou no Goblet (J), Ice Age 2 - The Meltdown (E), Animal Crossing Wild World (E), Resident Evil - Deadly Silence (E), Phoenix Wright - Ace Attorney (E), Brain Age - Train Your Brain in Minutes a Day! (U), Top Spin 2 (E) ...

eMule links for latest NDS roms Harry Potter, Ice Age 2 - The Meltdown (E), Animal Crossing Wild World (E), Resident Evil - Deadly Silence (E), NDS rom Brain Age - Train Your Brain in Minutes a Day! (U) added in 300+

Metroid Prime Hunters (full game) and Tetris DS roms are available on eMule. Please check for the links on 300+ roms page.

Nintendo DS Romset #7 released NDS ROMs 0301-0350 <- eMule Link
(you need eMule installed for the links to work). This Rom-set includes games like: Tamagotchi Connection - Corner Shop (U), Dragon Ball Z - Supersonic Warriors 2 (E), Finding Nemo (U), The Rub Rabbits (U), The Sims 2 (J), Resident Evil Deadly Silence (U), Age of Empires - The Age of Kings, Nanostray (E),Top Gun (J), Super Monkey Ball - Touch & Roll, Super Peach Princess (U), FIFA Street 2, Blades of Thunder II, Pokemon Trozei (U) and many more. As usual -- 50 in total. ZIP archive file is rather big -> 1.34 GB

Before you download nds roms we would like to warn you that NDS Emulator compatibility with roms at this time is very limited, so there is only a limited number of games that you can play on the PC with DS emu. The best emulator for NDS is Ensata Nitro followed by iDeaS, Dualis and DSemu. Here is a list of games you can play with Ensata:

0010 - Cool 104 Joker & Setline (J) (Wario) Works perfectly
0024 - Robots (E) (Trashman) Yes Works but slowly
0029 - GoldenEye - Rogue Agent (U) (Trashman) Works slowly
0038 - Ping Pals (U) (GBXR) Yes Works perfectly
0054 - Tiger Woods PGA Tour (E) (GBXR) Works but slowly
0059 - Robots (U) (Trashman) Yes Works but slowly
0065 - Tiger Woods PGA Tour (U) (SpankMe) Yes Works but slowly
Demo - Guru Guru Nagetto Download Demo (J) (Independent) slowly
Demo - Submarine E3 Download Tech Demo (U) (Independent) slowly
Demo - Table Hockey E3 Download Tech Demo (U) (Independent) Perfect
Demo - Zelda Gallery E3 Download Demo (U) (Independent) Works perfectly

There maybe more compatible nds roms as new versions of the rom emulators are released so check compatibility at website : DeSmuME / Ensata / iDeaS / Dualis / DSemu .

Meanwhile most of the NDS ROMS can be played on Nintendo DS with NDS Flash Cards. These are special DS cartridges with flash memory on which you can store the rom so that it can be played by DS. In most cases the ROM is written to a GBA Flash Card and there is PassMe adapter in the DS slot that tricks NDS into running DS Game from GBA Slot :) For more details check these reviews:
NeoFlash & Magic Key / SuperCard DS SuperPass / G6 Flash / M3 Adapter / EZ4 / MK2 / MK3 ...

To play Mario Kart DS nds rom it has to be patched with GST Universal patcher version 3.0 and will work only on G6 and NeoFlash cards. We will update this info when Mario Kart DS patch comes out that lets you play it on other DS flash cards.

For easy downloading we have created RomSets of 50 roms. Currently first 100 games are distributed in 2 sets of 50, but if you have a slow connection or just need a couple of games get the single files from clean dumps. Also the latest releases are first posted as single files before making it into a romset.

Roms are backuped NDS Game Card files. They are created using Magic Key Tool for GBMP or another DS backup device. Nintendo DS Linker mentioned above in most cases can only be used to play games and not to create a backup copy. Maximum size of a NDS rom (as announced by Nintendo) will be 1Gb - Giga bit (that is 256MBytes). Current largest roms are 512M so if you are shopping for a GBA/NDS Flash Card make sure it is at least 512M big.

The agreed upon file extension for Nintendo DS games is *.NDS so if you are searching for games look for "nds roms". Sometimes to make rom files compatible with older GBA Flash Cards that do not accept this file extension they are renamed to *.ds.gab or *.nds.gba .

OK - so what are you waiting for? Start your eMule and download some!

19 new games have been added including such popular titles as Pokemon Dash, Castlevania Down of Sorrow, FIFA '06, Madden NFL 06 and more, but they are available only as single NDS ROMS and will not be included in the romsets until we have another 50 rom files to make a set so head over to clean dumps section and start downloading.

GST Roms will soon become obsolete do to Golden Sun Team releasing its GST UNIVERSAL PATCHER for public use. This means that NeoFlash users can from now on download clean dumps and patch them to GBA_Save themselves at home!

NDS Roms Clean dumps
Nintendo DS Roms 100+
200+300+ 400+
800+ 900+ 1000+
Full NDS ROM Romsets
Patched - GST - Nuke
Captured NDS WiFi Demo
How to Download

g6 lite flashG6 Lite Flash
for DS, DSL, GBA

compatible with .nds roms and gba roms + includes emulators for nes, snes, sega roms etc. and media player for MP3 files and Movies. Has nice menus and even a PDA software in the cart!

m3 lite ds M3 Lite Adapter (microSD) Similar to G6 Flash, but instead of built in memory uses microSD / TransFlash memory cards, so you can upgrade the memory. Perfect for movies and MP3 and real good for GBA and NDS roms.

ds-xtreme xDS-Xtreme - new type of NDS / DS Lite Slot-1 flash cards that plays roms directly from the DS Game Card slot (other hold memory in the GBA slot). DS-Xtreme doesn't require any installation or patching of roms - on PC shows up as removable disc where you drag and drop the rom files. Only drawback to this card is that for the ease of use you pay with the GBA roms support - cant play GBA games with this card :(

passcardPassCard 3 for NDS, NDSL. if you already have a GBA Flash Card and would like to use it to play NDS roms you need a PassCard that fools the DS into running NDS games for GBA game cartridge slot! PassCard3 is perfect solution for booting roms on both DS and DSLite.

NDS Romset #16 released
NDS ROMs 0701-0750 <- eMule Link

NDS Romset #15 released
NDS ROMs 0751-0800

NDS Romset #14 released
NDS ROMs 0651-0700

NDS Romset #13 released
NDS ROMs 0601-0650

NDS Romset #12 released
NDS ROMs 0551-0600

NDS Romset #11 released
NDS ROMs 0501-0550

NDS Romset #10 released
NDS ROMs 0451-0500

NDS Romset #9 released
NDS ROMs 0401-0450

NDS Romset #8 released
NDS ROMs 0351-0400

NDS Romset #7 released
NDS ROMs 0301-0350

NDS Romset #6 released
NDS ROMs 0251-0300

Added Biohazard Deadly Silence (Resident Evil 4 Jap) and Iron Feather to the 200+ page!

NDS Romset #5 released
NDS ROMs 0201-0250

NDS Romset #4 released
NDS ROMs 0151-0200

A batch of new games added. Burnout Legends DS, Need for Speed Most Wanted, Real Time Conflict - Shogun Empires, Kirby Canvas Curves and more. Find them under 100+

Mario Kart DS ROM emule link has been added to the 100+ page along with other latest releasis like Star Wars Episode III, Sims 2, Sonic Rush and Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.

Just released Romset #3
NDS ROMs 0101-0150 <- eMule Link. Size of the file is 1.07 GB - that's 50 DS games taking up the same space as one PSP iso - just goes to show that DS is better in many ways!

As you can see soon we will have another 50 games to release in a Romset #101-150. but if you cant wait download one by one nds roms 100