Short Biography

Kostas Metaxoglou, Ph.D. (Economics, UC Davis) is an Associate Professor in the Economics Department at Carleton University. He joined the faculty at Carleton as an Assistant Professor in 2013 having previously worked as a senior consultant and manager with the Antitrust practice of Bates White LLC in Washington DC. His research focuses on Energy Economics, Industrial Organization, Applied Econometrics, and Empirical Finance.

Konstantinos Metaxoglou

Department of Economics

1125 Colonel by Drive

Carleton University

Ottawa, ON K1S 5B6

1-613-520-2600 x.3755

Curriculum Vitae

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Last updated: November 2021

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Published & Forthcoming Papers

    1. Exporting Global Warming? Coal Trade and the Shale Gas Boom, Canadian Journal of Economics, forthcoming (with Chris Knittel, Anson Soderbery, and Andre Trindade) link

    2. Canadian Journal of Economics: A Historic Overview, Canadian Journal of Economics, forthcoming link

    3. Electrifying Transportation: Issues and Opportunities, Handbook on Electricity Markets, 2021 (with Ben Clinton and Chris Knittel) link

    4. Productivity Spillovers from Pollution Reduction: Reducing Coal Use Increases Crop Yields, American Journal of Agricultural Economics, 2020 (with Aaron Smith) link

    5. Environmental Implications of Market Structure: Shale Gas and Electricity Markets, International Journal of Industrial Organization, 2019 (with Chris Knittel and Andre Trindade) link

      • IJIO best empirical paper award 2019 link

      • This is a major revision of NBER WP 21627 link

      • Washington Post column for the NBER working paper link

      • VOX column for the NBER working paper link

      • NBER digest column for the NBER working paper link

    6. Carbon Emissions and Business Cycles, Journal of Macroeconomics, 2019 (with Hashmat Kahn, Chris Knittel, and Maya Papineau) link

      • This is a major revision of NBER WP 22294 link

    7. Option-Implied Equity Premium Predictions via Entropic Tilting, Journal of Financial Econometrics, 2019 (with Davide Pettenuzzo and Aaron Smith) link

    8. Working with Data: Two Empiricists' Experience, Journal of Econometric Methods (Practitioner's Corner), 2018 (with Chris Knittel) link

      • Slides from a presentation at Carleton link

    9. Forecasting Stock Returns Using Option-Implied State Prices, Journal of Financial Econometrics, 2017 (with Aaron Smith) link

    10. State Prices of Conditional Quantiles: New Evidence on Time Variation in the Empirical Pricing Kernel, Journal of Applied Econometrics, 2017 (with Aaron Smith) link

    11. Are we fracked? The impact of falling gas prices and the implications for coal-to-gas switching and carbon emissions, Oxford Review of Economic Policy, 2016 (with Chris Knittel and Andre Trindade) link

    12. Estimation of Random Coefficient Demand Models: Two Empiricists' Perspective, Review of Economics and Statistics, 2014 (with Chris Knittel) link

    13. Challenges in Merger Simulation Analysis, American Economic Review, Papers & Proceedings, 2011 (with Chris Knittel) link

    14. Diagnosing Unilateral Market Power in Electricity Reserves Market, Journal of Energy Markets, 2008 (with Chris Knittel) link

    15. Maximum Likelihood Estimation of VARMA Models Using a State Space EM Algorithm, Journal of Time Series Analysis, 2007 (with Aaron Smith) link

    16. Efficiency of the California Electricity Reserves Market, Journal of Applied Econometrics, 2007 (with Aaron Smith) link

Working Papers

    • The Role of Output Reallocation and Investment in Coordinating Environmental Markets, Resubmitted (with Mike Abito, Chris Knittel, Andre Trindade) link

      • This is a major revision of NBER WP 24481 link

      • Wharton Public Policy Initiative Brief link

      • Kleinman Center for Energy Policy Digest link

    • The Behavior of the Aggregate U.S. Wage Markdown, Under Revision (with Hashmat Khan) link

Work in Progress

    • Nutrient Pollution and U.S. Agriculture: Causal Effects and Integrated Assessment (with Aaron Smith)

    • Power Plants, Air Pollution, and Health (with Chris Knittel and Bora Ozaltun)