Kosher Summer Vacation in St. Petersburg July 29 – August 16, 2015

Baltic Star Hotel ***** Deluxe
A royal and luxurious hotel, located in the Konstantine palace compound, in the heart of a magnificent park near the Baltic Sea. The hotel is located in the famous palaces region and is designed as a mansion, surrounded by beautiful gardens and huge fountains viewed from its luxurious room windows. The hotel is the home hotel for the Petersburg aristocracy and world leaders and as the official accommodation hotel hosted the Conference of Presidents, G8 and G20.

The hotel is ideally located, just a short drive from the famous and most popular tourist attractions in St. Petersburg and only 20 minutes drive from the international airport.

In the hotel:
Luxurious and spacious rooms and suites with an option of a breathtaking view of the gardens, the palace and the beach. Especially royal and luxurious halls and dining rooms, a magnificent synagogue hall for our guests, beautiful bar, health center with a modern and fully equipped gym, heathed indoor swimming pool, sauna, billiard hall and more. The hotel is modern and fully equipped including free internet network and air conditioning in the entire hotel, spectacular summer terrace and charming seating areas scattered throughout the hotel. You can walk in the trails of Royal Gardens in the hotel complex as well as walk directly to the Baltic Sea shore.

According to the wonderful Tour-Plus tradition, your stay at the hotel includes: half-board, sandwiches, coffee & cake and a hot drinks bar all day long. Full board on Shabbat with splendid Kiddush, coffee & cake.



Kashrut: Glatt LeMehadrin

A true culinary celebration with a staff of world-class chefs, cooks, and bakery specialists, will allow you to savor the special tastes of a rich menu, fit for a king, throughout your stay, with special emphasis on maintaining the highest standards of Kashrut, and uncompromising levels of excellence and service